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David Kung

Why Chief Innovation Officers Must Bridge The Collaboration Gap

In The Effective Executive, Peter F. Drucker wrote: “Effective executives find themselves asking other people in their organization, their superiors, their subordinates, but above all their colleagues in other areas: ‘What contribution from me do... Learn More »
May 25, 2017

Rethink How You Train Your IT Staff: Why the WannaCry Cyber Attack Is a Wakeup Call for the Entire C-Suite

“A superior owes it to his organization to make the strength of every one of his subordinates as productive as it can be. But even more does he owe it to the human beings over whom he exercises authority to help them get the most out of whatever... Learn More »
May 23, 2017

How to Avoid Inevitable Failure Through Innovation

There was one sure way that Drucker knew that an organization or a company was going to fail. And even though absolutely counterintuitive, this indicator was an important element in his consulting practice: If any organization continued to do... Learn More »
May 22, 2017
data computer

Be Data Literate: Understanding Why Aggregated Data Misleads, Misinforms, Misdirects: Part II

This is Part 2 of a series on why managers of any organization should have a firm grasp of data literacy. For Part 1, see here.Editor's Note: There are many scientific approaches for finding the root cause of a problem, be it in government... Learn More »
May 16, 2017

Be Data Literate: Understanding Why Aggregated Data Misleads, Misinforms, Misdirects: Part 1

This is Part 1 of a series on data literacy for managers. For more, read Part 2.For any manager looking to flex their leadership acumen, he or she must not only be able to read data, but have the ability to detect the forces that skew the accuracy... Learn More »
May 15, 2017
Third Rail Management

The Third Rail of Management: Safety Guidelines for CEOs

As a Ph.D student in the 1980s, I studied corporate proxy statements to research how much senior executives were paid. I pored through these documents to identify the highest earning managers in a company. I usually found the data in an easy-to-read... Learn More »
May 14, 2017
call center

More Is More When It Comes to Customer Experience

The following is an excerpt from Blake Morgan's new book More is More. Get your own copy by clicking here. Today’s digital environment is increasingly complex. Customers are using new channels faster than brands can establish a... Learn More »
May 14, 2017
reach for the sky

You Have No Limits

How many times have I heard experts say something can’t be done? It must have been a million times.A little more than eight years ago, I was a guest on the USS Sequoia, a former presidential yacht, for a cruise up the Potomac River. During the... Learn More »
April 26, 2017
nova spivack

Peter Drucker's Grandson: People May Be Brands But Brands Are Not People

Peter Drucker's grandson Nova Spivack, CEO of Bottlenose, says that Drucker would have felt today that real influencers are not spending a lot of time on social media. In The Modern Customer Podcast this week we talk to Spivack who is an... Learn More »
April 19, 2017

How Corporations Can Plan for Innovation…And Survive

"The large organization has to learn to innovate, or it will not survive. —Peter F. DruckerMany books by Peter F. Drucker stressed that the first step in developing a vision for any organization is "getting rid of yesterday." Drucker, who is... Learn More »
April 18, 2017
86 results
of 9