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Nitin Dahad

Nitin Dahad is Senior technology marketing and media specialist at TechSpark Limited

Nitin is an established business communicator, knowing how to turn complex business/technology issues into messages that can be understood by both financial and technical audiences.

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Pharmaceutical product development is changing. The need to produce significantly higher potency large molecule biopharmaceutical drugs to improve efficacy and tailor drugs to the individual needs of a patient puts new pressure on transportation and shipping. Why? The reason is that these newer more complex protein based drugs are highly sensitive...Full Article »
As part of the implementation of serialization, automation of the process will become law within 10 years. As already highlighted previously, serialization provides accountability and traceability of every item shipped in the supply chain. The need to conform to these new requirements might at first glance look like it would require costly...Full Article »
More than ever before, drug security is an important issue in ensuring the integrity of medicines and vaccines reaching patients. The industry needs to demonstrate that we care for patients, and are putting all necessary measures in place to ensure that medicines are safe to be taken....Full Article »
Technology will become critical in reporting key business performance indicators (KPIs), and an integral part of the logistics as well as business management process....Full Article »
Ultimately, data has now become abundant, and this is why sectors like the cold chain industry need good data visualisation capability in order to quickly analyse the status within a logistics network, and take appropriate action as and when required....Full Article »
In this article, we look at the key factors that one should consider when looking to implement a complete cold chain monitoring solution....Full Article »
Everyone is talking about the "The Internet of Things", or IoT. To the uninitiated, this might sound like science fiction, depicting a world of smart and intelligent refrigerators, appliances, smart homes and ‘smart’ everything. But what does the IoT actually mean for the cold chain industry? In this article, we’ll look at the...Full Article »
Given this need for the food and pharmaceutical industry to have confidence in it supplies, a good cold chain infrastructure becomes an important part of the process, especially if manufacturers and retailers want to assure their customers of product integrity as well as minimize waste of food and temperature-sensitive medicines....Full Article »
Supply chain visibility is a key part of delivering proof of product integrity...Full Article »
14 results
of 2