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Ash Rishi

Ash is a cofounder and managing director of COUCH Medical Communications. Ash has over 10 years’ experience in pharma marketing and has delivered activities across UK, Europe, US, Canada and Latin America. His areas of expertise include behaviour change, self-management, patient outcomes, medical communications, stakeholder development, digital engagement strategies. As a creative communicator he enjoys finding interesting ways to engage wide audiences in an effective manner. Ash has worked with clients in the pharma, healthcare, NHS and public sector, so he truly understands the need to discuss patient advocacy from a number of perspectives.

Areas of clinical focus include: oncology, COPD, neurologic and psychiatric disorders, amongst others.

Customers enjoy interacting with brands on social media when it gives them great results: special offers, the chance to win prize draws, or a swift and generous response to a complaint. But, how can this experience - an increasingly important feature of consumer retail - be translated to the more tightly-regulated field of pharmaceuticals?...Full Article »
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When it comes to manoeuvrability and nimble response, large companies have more in common with ocean liners than speedboats. Policies are agreed, marketing strategies planned, and future developments or projects set in motion months or years in advance....Full Article »