18 - 20 May, 2020
Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

Janssen and Global Clinical Supplies Group: Starting from the ground up

In the clinical trial supply market there is continued pressure on the pharmaceutical industry to optimise the clinical supply process from end to end. With this, it is clear that the need for lean process development continues to drive clinical supply experts in this marketplace.

Pharma IQ recently spoke with Buz Hillman, Associate Director, Clinical Supply Systems and Strategy, Janssen and Steven Jacobs, Board Chairman, Global Clinical Supplies Group to gain their insights on how they are working to improve supply chain efficiencies from the ground up. >> Download the interview here <<

The need for development of data efficiencies, processes and patient centricity is clear as both experts express the need to tackle this and how they think best to do. Their perspectives, whether agreed or opposing, provides valuable insights into how to process these necessary developments.

Some of the questions put to the interviewees include:

  • How are you utilising data to drive supply-chain efficiencies and generate the process insights?
  •  What process improvement do these four areas generate?
  • How do you balance product cost and availability while trying to speed up your time to market?
  • Have you experienced any accuracy issues with collaboration and outsourcing in your supply chain? Do you think that collaboration and outsourcing can be used to make the supply chain cheaper, faster and more accurate?



Join us at the Clinical Trial Supply Forum, 20-22 May in Belgium to discuss how to advance your clinical trial supply at the industry’s most interactive and solution focused forum with leading experts. Both Buz Hillman and Steven Jacobs will be joining us here to discuss:

Change Management: How to Minimise its Effects

  • Examine the importance and benefits of team buy in before implementing organisational change
  • Analyse common change management strategies and how they can be adapted to the time sensitive and high pressure nature of the clinical trial supply industry

Steve Jacobs, President, Global BioPharm Solutions

Looking Beyond The Basics: Why Forecasting Needs To Be Flexible To Be Accurate

  • Identify the critical success factors of inventory planning and forecasting models
  • Ensure you are incorporating unexpected supply differentials such as resupply and regional market shipment timelines into your forward planning
  • Analyse your supply chain visibility and the importance of monitoring supply across the study

Buz Hillman, Associate Director, Clinical Supply Systems and Strategy, Janssen

Join us at the industry's most interactive and solution focused CTS forum features deep dive workshops, live polls, panel debates, round table discussions and exclusive key note case studies to ensure that you leave with the industry's best solutions and strategies to transform your clinical trial supply.


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