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Sponsors & Exhibitors

Website: https://www.suvoda.com

Suvoda’s IRT supports innovative study designs with a variety of configurable and customizable features, powerful reporting, and advanced functionality. Our system helps solve complex patient randomization and clinical supply chain challenges so you can focus on your patients.  We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer and advisory services to clients... Read More

Website: https://prisymid.com/

World-Class Label Management Software. PRISYM ID designs and delivers label management software for organizations that need complete product auto-identification and lifecycle traceability. With the continual tightening of labeling regulations and audits, PRISYM ID empowers its clients to safeguard their reputation by ensuring compliance, removing risk and significantly reduce costs by eliminating... Read More

Website: https://www.parexel.com/

Parexel is focused on supporting the development of innovative new therapies to improve patient health. Our dedicated Informatics division develops industry-leading technological innovations to make the process of drug development faster, more accurate, more productive and easier to track. With our 25+ years of in-depth experience in clinical logistics and... Read More

Website: https://corp.trialcard.com/

TrialCard offers the RxStudy Card™, an innovative virtual clinical supply service implemented by top sponsors and CROs in hundreds of trials, providing patients medications and supplies through retail and specialty pharmacies in North America. RxStudy Card™ reduces supply process steps, requires less employee time, eliminates supply waste, has fewer risks,... Read More

Website: www.alcura-health.com

Alcura partners with healthcare companies, professionals and organizations to provide innovative personalized solutions that improve patient care and treatment experience. Whether you are a pharmaceutical company, a biotechnology company, a Contract Research Organization or a Contract Manufacturing Organization, we can offer a wide range of research and development, brand development... Read More

Website: www.westrock.com

WestRock’s Multi Packaging Solutions. . .Your partner in Clinical & Adherence PackagingAs a trusted and proven supplier of printed packaging and services, our focus is built upon the unique needs of the healthcare & pharmaceutical industries. With a dedicated global footprint that extends across Europe, North America and Asia we... Read More

Website: www.4gclinical.com/home

4G Clinical is a cutting-edge randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) company focused on bringing crucial medicines to those who need them, faster. 4G Clinical’s RTSM platform, Prancer, is built on a modern technology stack and employs natural language processing alongside integrated clinical supplies forecasting and management functionality to slash... Read More

Almac Group
Website: http://www.almacgroup.com

Almac Group is an established, leading contract development and manufacturing organisation providing an extensive range of integrated services to over 600 pharmaceutical and biotech companies globally.   Its Clinical Services Business Unit offers services including drug procurement, CSM, blinding, primary & secondary packaging, storage, temperature management & distribution and QP services.The... Read More

Caligor Coghlan Pharma Services
Website: http://www.calcog.com

Caligor Coghlan Pharma Services provides global clinical supply solutions and expanded access program management to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. The company solves complex supply chain challenges, helping to ensure clinical trials remain safe, efficient and on schedule. Services include commercial drug sourcing (comparators, standard of care therapies, rescue medicines,... Read More

Website: www.csmondemand.com

CSM, a Clinigen company, is the only global company 100% focused on Clinical Trial Supplies and Biological Sample Management services with 20+ years’ experience. Committed to ensuring Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials are a success, regardless of size or scope, CSM packages over 1.5 million patient kits and... Read More

Website: http://www.myoderm.com/

Myoderm is a global leader in sourcing, distribution, and management of commercial drugs for clinical trials and biosimilar research. Our specialized expertise and obsession with ensuring efficient and effective trials are why pharmaceutical and biotech companies, CROs, and clinical packagers around the world rely on Myoderm for their supply needs. Read More

Website: https://www.n-side.com

N-SIDE is an innovative software consulting company in advanced analytics designing optimization solutions for some of the largest companies around the world, across a vast range of industries including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, steel, pulp & paper and energy. N-SIDE uses cloud-based cutting-edge technologies and powerful algorithms, such as artificial intelligence and... Read More

PCI Clinical Services

PCI Clinical Services is an integrated full service provider, a proven and trusted partner to leading companies in the global healthcare industry. We offer unparalleled expertise and experience in taking compounds from the earliest stages of development through to successful commercialization, delivering speed-to-market and commercial success for our customers. Our... Read More

Website: http://www.prisymid.com/

PRISYM ID designs and delivers turn-key labeling solutions for organizations that need complete product auto-identification and lifecycle traceability. With the continual tightening of labeling regulations and audits, PRISYM ID empowers its clients to safeguard their reputation by ensuring compliance, and significantly reduce costs by eliminating recalls through labeling errors. PRISYM... Read More

Website: http://www.s-clinica.com

Category: Clinical Trial Anticipatory Management System (CTAMS), Risk and Cost Optimization, Supply Forecasting,  IRT (IVRS-IWRS), Drug Supply Management, eCOA, ePROProfile: S-Clinica offers VISION, a unique platform for the anticipatory management of your clinical trials. From study concept to study close, our system will help you handle your mission, smoothly and... Read More

Website: http://www.sensitech.com

Sensitech is focused on delivering supply chain visibility solutions that track, monitor and protect products for global leaders in the food, life sciences, consumer goods and industrial markets. Our solutions are focused in three key areas: quality and compliance, supply chain security, and logistics performance management. Quality and compliance solutions... Read More

Website: https://www.softboxsystems.com/

Softbox is an award winning temperature control packaging innovator that has been designing and producing high performance passive temperature control packaging solutions for over 20 years. We offer consistent quality to our clients from our strategically located global manufacturing sites throughout Europe, Americas, India and Asia Pacific. We have formed long... Read More

Website: http://www.xerimis.com

Founded in 2001, Xerimis is a leading provider of clinical supply services for global trials. Our headquarters in the US and full-service facility in the UK allows for servicing of trials of all sizes anywhere in the world. Serving pharmaceutical, biotechnology and research organizations, we bring unmatched precision to every... Read More

Yourway Transport
Website: http://www.yourwaytransport.com

Yourway Transport is a privately held and financially stable organization and a proven global industry leader in worldwide, pharma-specialist, premium transportation.  We are dedicated to providing our clients with best-in-class services and customer care in delivering the expertise and level of attention that our customers demand. We look forward to... Read More