September 22 - 25, 2020 | Sheraton Boston, MA

Cold Chain Global Forum Sponsor Center

Your path to Success…

Be More than a Name on a Business Card. Make sure you get the most out of your experience…

Each year 850 cold chain and life science executives come together to network, learn how to best optimize their business practices to reduce costs, increase efficiency and overall grow profits for their business. By limiting the number of solution providing companies, this unique environment provides sponsors a rare platform to engage in an open conversation with potential buyers that are actively seeking solutions. We take the time to get to know our customer so that we can help you navigate through the audience in order to find the best match in terms of need and buying power.

At IQPC, we focus on delivering the best value possible to our clients as we aim to help them overcome their most pressing challenges and reach their highest priority business development objectives. Our prospective sponsors traditionally tell us that sales slow or stall for one of 5 obvious reasons: They are engaging at the wrong level, there is no explicit need for the product or service, budgets are not readily available, timelines are undefined, or finally, they already have a working supplier in place with whom they are satisfied.

In order to provide you with maximum value onsite and ensure you are representing yourself in the most ideal fashion we have broken down some of our key practices, deliverables and options for sponsorship at and IQPC program.

Take full advantage of complimentary marketing. This is already part of your package!

Personal Networking Support – Prior to the event, you will receive the delegate list and will be able to identify their top prospects to IQPC. Onsite IQPC will facilitate onsite introductions.

Profiled Investment Report – We know how difficult it is to squeeze everything into 2-3 days, so gain the competitive edge through our detailed report which profiles the delegation so that you know their budget, top priorities and exact timeframes!

Guest Client Passes – Each organization has a unique set of targets. Let us do the work for you! Submit your top prospects and let IQPCs trained VIP team recruit them so that you make the most out of your experience.

Branding – Whether it is through media partners, email, and LinkedIn, website or onsite materials – be consistently front of mind through as many channels as possible.

Upload your White Paper/Technical Article to Our full Database – IQPC will host a one page marketing kit (brochure, white paper, case study, YouTube Video, etc.) on the conference web page, as well as the IQPC resources page.

Make the most of your onsite experience with these best practices.
Proactive versus Reactive – you never know if you don’t try!

Want to truly stand out?

Inquire about limited opportunities to truly separate your organization onsite with profiled inventory and traffic boosters.

  • Cocktail Bar Station
  • Coffee Break Station
  • Profiled Roundtables – executives who want to meet you
  • …and many more!

Sponsorship - Key On-site Initiatives
Did you know these options are available forsponsorship future CCGF events? 


Chairperson – Become the “face of the event” by providing opening and closing remarks, while meeting and introducing all of the speakers and spearheading the event’s Q&A sessions. Position your group as the trusted advisor, while maintaining that front-of-mind presence throughout the events.

Key Benefits:
Case Study Demonstration – The best way to sell your solution is to give a relatable example and let your client do the talking…

Key Benefits:
Roundtable Discussion – The most interactive way for you to be a thought leader to the ones who matter the most

Key Benefits:


Luncheon Sponsor – Opportunity to add branding on all tables with signage featuring company logo as official lunch sponsor, in addition to a 5-10 minute welcome address and one reserved VIP table.

Key Benefits:
Badge Sponsor – Be consistently front of mind with your logo prominently displayed on every single badge throughout the duration of the entire event

Key Benefits:
Lanyard Sponsor – Have your company logo be every attendee’s first impression as they put their badge on.

Key Benefits:


Booth – An “office away from the office” in our exhibit hall allows you to display your solution to the most active prospective buyers

Key Benefits:
Cocktail Reception – Be seen as the marquee provider in the space by hosting the General Reception.

Key Benefits:
Content Card Sponsor – Meet every attendee and have your brand resonate long after the event…
Key Benefits: