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October 15 - 18, 2019
Sheraton Boston, MA

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The Cold Chain Global Forum is heading to Boston, October 15-18. Join us for the leading temperature-controlled logistics event by the community, for the community.Inspirational Keynotes joining us at the event include:John Crowley, Chairman & CEO, Amicus ...

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The State of Temperature Controlled Life Sciences Supply Chains in 2019

For over a decade, we at Cold Chain Global Forum have been dedicated to connecting and educating supply chain leaders from across the biopharma world from small, biotech startups to publicly traded Big Pharma manufacturers. In an effort to shed light on where the industry is headed in 2019, we su ...

CCGF Agenda

CCGF - Early Event Intel Flyer

We’re designing an unrivaled program to provide the community – both biotechs and big pharma - of life science supply chain professionals cutting-edge content and actionable takeaways.View the early event intel flyer and see what’s in store.

CCGF - Agenda at a Glance

The 17th Cold Chain Global Forum is back in Boston this October. Join us for the most innovative temperature controlled logistics event by the community for the community. Get a sneak peek at the program and explore the sessions including:Patient First Mentality: Create the Culture Vital to SuccessDrones: Deliver Medicine...

CCGF - Learning Journey Agenda

No matter where you are on your temperature-controlled logistics journey, ensure that you address the biggest strategic and operational challenges in your end-to-end logistics roadmap in our 3 maturity tracks.View the Learning Journey Agenda to learn more about the maturity tracks.

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Cold Chain Global Forum 2019 - Past Attendee List

Find out who you will meet and learn from this September with our past attendee list.  Here are a few of our past attendees:Past Job TitlesChief Supply Chain OfficerChief Operating OfficerChief Innovation OfficerDirector of OperationsDirector, Supply ChainEngineer LeadManager of Global SupplySenior Cold Chain Packaging StrategistTransportation ManagerSVP, Supply Chainand MorePast CompaniesAbbottAmerican...

2018 Event Recap: 16th Annual CCGF Experience

Have you heard the buzz? The 17th Annual Cold Chain Global Forum is back in Boston! While we're hard at work developing our 2019 program, check out our 2018 Post Show Report to find out what you missed last time around. This short event recap includes:Facts & figures from our...

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Current Attendee Snapshot: 2019 CCGF

Curious to see who's already signed up to attend Cold Chain GF this October? Download our current attendee list to find out who you can expect to meet at the upcoming event. 

Dear Boss Letter

Need approval from your boss to attend? Effectively communicate the value of attending the 2019 CCGF with our customizable Dear Boss Letter.

Whitepapers & Reports

Supplying Next Generation Medicines

The personalized medicines market – which tailors drugs and treatments to the individual patient – is expected to reach revenues of $149 billion by 2020, according to Pharmaceutical Commerce. And the rising use of biosimilars – a biologic medical product that is a near-identical copy of an original product by...

Clinical Trial Supply 2018 Report: The Quest To Shrink Wastage Levels

In meeting the growth ahead for clinical trials there must be a focus on efficiency as their supply already suffers from major issues with wastage levels. This is lack of control is problematic with the rising public scrutiny on spending by pharmaceutical companies.Growth in DemandThe drive to address the diseases...

From Production to Patients: Optimizing the Last Mile of the Supply Chain

Though life sciences companies see value across the full supply chain, it’s the last mile that matters the most to the customer. When customers can’t get what they want when they want it due to product loss, theft, spoilage, counterfeiting or other disruptions, it can be incredibly damaging to a...

Pharma Logistics Compliance 2018 Report

This whitepapers covers the latest pharmaceutical logistics regulatory developments around the globe related to FMD, MHRA, ICH Q12, PACMP, GMP, DSCSA and more! Designed specifically to keep you up to date with key developments that we believe with shape the compliance agenda over the next year, key developments that you...

Change & Collaboration in Pharma Logistics

Pharma is one of the most conservative industries –namely due to the fact that its products are high risk – very influential to the health, well-being and survival of their consumers. Regulations must be met to ensure that medicine quality and patient safety is protected. Therefore any changes, be it...

Blockchain Adoption in Pharma Supply

Experts have asserted that despite recent developments, pharmaceutical supply chains are still far from reaching their full technological potential. However, Blockchain holds significant promise to advance the digital strength of medicine supply. In this whitepaper, we explore:What is blockchain and how can it be applied to cold chain?Who in life...

Cold Chain Expert Interviews

The Future of Cold Chain | How will Blockchain impact Cold Chain Logistics?

By 2020, pharma cold chain logistics spend is predicted to exceed $16 billion. Despite this huge investment, Pharmaceutical supply chains still face tremendous challenges. We sat down with keynote speaker Jack Shaw, Executive Director of the American Blockchain Council, Technology Futurist to discuss this.  Below is a preview of the...

Healthcare Reform & the Future of the Pharma Supply Chain

We sat down with David Merrit, Executive Vice President of Public Affairs and Strategy, America's Health Insurance Plans to discuss Healthcare Reform. Below is a preview of the interview:How will healthcare reform affect the pharmaceutical supply chain?"It seems you can’t talk health care today without talking about politics. How health...

The ELD Mandate & Cold Chain

We sat down with one of our keynote speakers Bill Mahorney, Chief, Enforcement Division, FMCSA, Department of Transportation. As one of the key players responsible for enforcing the ELD Mandate, Bill will be addressing how this new law will affect the supply chain, logging books, hours of service regulations and...

The Autonomous Supply Chain is Coming

Ahead of the 16th Global Forum taking place September 24-28, 2018 in Philadelphia, PA, we sat down with keynote speaker Tom Bonkenburg, Director, European Operations, St. Onge Company to discuss:How robotics are impacting the the pharma supply chain sector specificallyCommon barriers to automation adoption and how to overcome themWhat life...


End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility Video

It's been determined that visibility can provide a number of returns for pharma firms. Find out what areas need more visibility in this video.

Optimizing the Last Mile of the Supply Chain: Highlights From Our 2018 "From Production to Patients" Report

Haven't read our "From Production to Patients" Report? Check out this video that highlights key results from the 150+ pharma logistics leaders surveyed.

Past Presentations & Resource Packets

Ensuring Quality through Supply Chain and QA Collaboration

What is the concept of product quality and what is the philosophy surrounding quality management in supply chain environmentCorrelation between little q and bigger Q in relation to the product quality and supply chain management and how can they impact each otherHow Q.A and Supply chain can cooperate in an...

Packaging & Labeling for Life Sciences Ebook

This comprehensive, 75 page ebook contains a curated collection of past presentations, articles + whitepapers that explore that latest thinking when it comes to the packaging, labeling and serialization of life sciences products. Review and enjoy some of our top packaging related content from 2018 such as:3 Areas Holding Back...

Personalized Medicine & Patient-Centric Supply Chains eBook

 As medicine shifts from a “one-size-fits-all” approach to more customized care, patient engagement will become a critical component of supply chain management. In this ebook, we explore the growth of personalized medicine, what it means for life sciences supply chain leaders and how you can jumpstart your journey towards a...

Optimizing Lane Qualification with all Supply Chain Stakeholders

With the variety of product lines increasing and the regions companies are shipping to growing, there are a lot of variables to account for when qualifying your shipments. In particular, USA’s vast geography and temperature gradients pose a big challenge for logistics and supply chain professionals. These challenges show direct...

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Annual Cold Chain Global Forum Project Intelligence Report

The Cold Chain Global Forum team surveyed pharma and biotech executives regarding their pharma logistics challenges and objectives. The results of the survey have been compiled into this Project Intelligence Report, which is now available for download. Included in the report: List of attending companiesAttendee industry breakdown  Their challenges, investment priorities,...

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Cold Chain Global Forum Post Show Report

Take a look at what took place at last year's Annual Cold Chain Global Forum. Our 2018 post show report includes:Attending companies Their challenges, budgets, and investment areasTestimonials Sneak peak of this year's event

Top Logistics Frustrations Pharma Executives Face

A report from Pharmaceutical Commerce forecasted a $15 billion spend on logistics for cold chain products in 2018, and is set for further growth to over $18.6 billion by 2022. The CCGF team surveyed pharma executives from companies like Gilead Sciences, Roche, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Genetech, Abbvie, Mylan, Eli Lilly and...