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Cold Chain Global Forum Canada Digital Summit Agenda

The Cold Chain Global Forum Canada Digital Summit will take place on June 16 - 17, 2020. Join us for the largest life science supply chain digital event of its kind, focusing specifically on the temperature controlled logistics challenges and opportunities in the Canadian market.

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Claude Jolicoeur - Data Sharing and Temp Monitoring Tech

Join Claude Jolicoeur, Director of Regulatory Affairs, McKesson Canada Corp as he discusses topics that include; changes within the supply chain industry on capturing and sharing data, real time temp monitoring technologies & cold chain challenges within the Canadian market.

Andrea Guisbert-Williams - Cost Savings & Sustainability - Ocean

Join Andrea L. Guisbert-Williams, Project Manager, North American Logistics Operations, Eli Lilly & Company in an exclusive interview about the effect of growth of biologic based products on temp controlled operations, next generation medicines, and her case study, Discovering Eli Lilly’s Plan to Achieve Cost Savings & Sustainability Through a...

Gilles Gregoire - Direct to Patient Temp Controlled Supply

Join Gilles Jr. Gregoire, Global Transport Manager, Pharmascience as he discusses topics that include; the 3 biggest temperature controlled packaging trends, real time temp monitoring technologies, the growing trend towards “direct to patient” deliveries and much more.

The Evolution of the Temp Controlled Supply Chain Industry

We sat down and spoke with with Rey Chern, Director, Engineering, Amgen; Lisa Sykes, Director of Quality Operations and Sterile Network, Merck; Bernard McGarvey, Senior Engineering Advisor, Eli Lilly and Company; Dan Mirica, Former Head of Global Logistics, Lonza Biologics; & Henrik Fröjdh, Associate Director Supply Chain Management, Merck &...

Transporting Temperature Sensitive Medicines in Canada

Cold chains in Canada need to be especially robust due to the region’s vast territories, extreme temperatures and formidable regulatory processes amongst other potential complications. In this highlights video, we summarize our in-depth report on Distributing Medicines in Canada and showcase how pharmaceutical supply chain leaders overcome the challenges associated...

Cold Chain Global Forum Series Highlight Reel

Find out exactly what to expect at Cold Chain Global Forum Canada in our event highlight video. Get a taste of all the experiences CCGF Canada provides and take a look at the largest temperature controlled life science supply chain event in Canada.

McKesson on Canada’s Pharma Market

Claude Jolicoeur, Director of Regulatory Affairs, McKesson met with us at our Annual event and discussed McKesson’s temperature controlled supply chain journey including:Collaboration with carriers to keep temperatures within source conditionsChallenges with the last mile & saving cost in quality investmentsNeeds from data logging and RFID technologyEmail to request...

Emerging Tech for the Pharma Supply Chain

We sat down with Dan Mirica, Former Head of Logistics, Lonza Biologics and discussed:  blockchain applications for the pharma supply chainchallenges with drone implementation the emergence of self driving trucks in Europe

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Past Attendee Snapshot: Find Out Who Attended in 2019!

Interested in attending the 2020 Cold Chain Global Forum Canada? Don't forget to do your due diligence first! Download our past attendee snapshot to get a preview of who you can expect to meet and learn from this year! Top job titles include VPs, Directors and Heads of:Cold ChainTemperature Control...

Dear Boss Letter: Accelerate Your Attendance to CCGF

Download our customizable justification letter and start building your case to attend the 2020 Cold Chain Global Forum Canada. Plus! We also included a handy Attendee Expenses Calculator to help you estimate the cost (as well as the value) of attending. 

Key Event Info

Early Info Flyer: Cold Chain Canada 2020

Access the Early Event Info Flyer to see what we have in store for you this year, including:EARLY-CONFIRMED SPEAKERS: CXOs, VPs, and Directors of Supply Chain, Quality Assurance, Blockchain and Regulatory Affairs. KEY THEMES FOR 2020: honing in on obstacles in drug development, drug supply, extreme temperatures, logistical inefficiencies, digitization,...

2019 Presentations

Updates from the Health Product Compliance Directorate

Presentation by Kimby Barton, Director of the Health Product and Licensing Division (HPIL), Health Products Compliance Directorate Health Canada’s Regulatory Operations and Regions BranchWhat we are seeing in terms of compliance and areas for improvementPerformance statisticsUpcoming guidance documents for consultationInternational collaboration and harmonizationNew regulatory packages and implications for industry

Fighting Cyber Criminals that are Affecting the Supply Chain

The National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA) was established in 2002 as a non-profit partnership between private industry, government and academia to provide a neutral, trusted environment that enables a two way collaboration and cooperation to identify, mitigate an disrupt cyber crime. View NCFTA research on the online availability...

Digital Solutions for End to End Supply Chain Integration for the Canadian Market

The notion of the “Supply Chain 4.0” proposes a plethora of new digital solutions for the pharma market to adopt including EWM, Cost Design, Integrated Business Planning, Web Barcodes, IOT, Blockchain, AI, and Cloud-based Solutions to optimize the supply chain. With all of the new technology for integration, it is...

The C-Suite Perspective’s on Top Supply Chain Initiatives

Presentation by Shital Parik Mars, Chief Executive Officer, Progressive CareShital Mars is the Chief Executive Officer of Progressive Care, a personalized healthcare services and technology company. Under her direction, Shital has guided Progressive Care and its wholly-owned subsidiary PharmCo LLC on a rapid growth trajectory with the signing of an...

The Ramifications of Blockchain, AI, Drones and other Emerging Technologies

With new and emerging technologies how will or can this change the way we qualify routes and or validate shippers?Do we foresee how regulations may change as new and emerging technologies are implemented throughout or supply chains?How can new and enhanced temperature data monitors better serve manufacturer-to-patient supply chain controls?How...

Looking Beyond the Cold Chain: Preparing your Supply for Increased Vigilance of CRT Products

With regulators across the globe becoming increasingly interested in how organizations are controlling the variables when distributing CRT/Ambient products, companies must re-assess their processes to ensure compliance. Even if total temperature monitoring is not required by regulators, it is crucial to show that you have strong processes in place to...

Articles, Interviews & Whitepapers

Supply Chain Resilience: How to build on-the-ground excellence and protect critical business functions

How to build on-the-ground excellence and protect critical business functionsThis whitepaper explores:The growing need for business continuity planningUnderstanding the risk landscapeProtecting critical functions and processesEnsuring on-the-ground operational engagementAdopting a mitigation mindsetBusiness continuity planning in practice

Pharma IQ 2020 Investment Trends Report

With a rise in precision medicines, high value shipments and emergingshipping routes, global biopharma industry spending on temperaturecontrolled products is expected to reach $15.7 billion in 2019.1 To ensure that companies are able to navigate this new product landscape and complex routes in a cost efficient and effective way, they...

The Pocket Guide to Smart Warehouse Management

Across the pharmaceutical supply chain, losses associated with temperature lapses are estimated to be worth £320bn globally.[1] To ensure the profitability of the pharmaceutical industry and patient safety, supply chains must limit the risk of damage to products.Warehouses are a critical area of risk due to the hectic pace of...

Innovation & Technology

Cold Chain 2020: The Top Trends Shaping the Year Ahead

From the proliferation of IoT to the rise of artificial intelligence, 2020 is poised to be a BIG year for the pharmaceutical supply chain both within Canada and beyond. We invite you to read our latest report on the top temperature-controlled pharmaceutical logistics trends and what they mean for you....


For 20 years, biopharma manufacturers have trusted our combination of reusable, custom-configurable cold chain shippers and integrated services to continuously verify that no temperature changes will affect the efficacy of medicines. AeroSafe has experience shipping millions of high-value therapies to doctors and patients each year, offering a platform solution that...

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What's Trending in 2020? The State of Canada’s Temperature Controlled Life Sciences Supply Chain Industry

There's a lot happening in Canada when it comes to pharmaceutical logistics. From evolving regulations to drug shortages to new, technological advancements, the industry is poised for significant disruption and growth.With this in mind, we asked our audience, "what are your top strategic priorities going into 2020?". DOWNLOAD our latest...

2020 Canadian Cold Chain Market Report

This in-depth, 15 page report takes a deep dive into:The latest Health Canada regulatory updatesHow Canada's cold chain leaders are combating drug shortagesCutting-edge last mile delivery innovations & solutionsCanada's life sciences temperature controlled supply chain has never been riper for disruption. In between evolving regulations and the emergence of game-changing...