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15 - 17 June, 2020 | Toronto, ON

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Market Challenges: Distributing Medicines in Canada

Market Challenges: Distributing Medicines in Canada

To be adequately equipped to distribute medicines throughout Canada, pharma firms must be fully educated on the bespoke pain points this region has to offer. Canada’s pharmaceutical market is primed to grow to $25 bn by 2021, according to consulting firm GlobalData. With a 2.5% share of the global market, Canada stands as the 10th largest pharma market. However, Canada has unique complications and hurdles, which greatly complicate the task of distributing temperature sensitive medicines within the region. 

In this in-depth whitepaper, we explore the challenges and opportunities associated with achieving temperature supply chain excellence in Canada such as:

  • Vast Territories 
  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Validated Cold Chain Systems 
  • Outsourcing and Collaboration 
  • & more
BENCHMARKING REPORT: Are You Spending Too Much On Temperature Controlled Logistics

BENCHMARKING REPORT: Are You Spending Too Much On Temperature Controlled Logistics

Strategic and effective supply chain planning and management can help improve processes, increase cost efficiency and provide a robust, secure end-to-end journey for products. But maintaining GDP compliance whilst ensuring cost efficiency throughout the supply chain can often be challenging; selecting the right partners and solutions, and managing them effectively, is critical in order to avoid unnecessary expenditure from the planning stages right through to the last mile.

We wanted to build an understanding of the areas of the supply chain where the TCL market is overspending, and examine how these areas could be improved to increase cost-effectiveness. This report will analyze the most important considerations when selecting supply chain partners, taking into account the importance of price compared to other elements such as technology and level of service. It will also look into the current barriers to reducing supply chain costs and the new technologies that have the potential to uncover efficiencies in supply chain management.

Are Your Logistics Processes Ready for a GDP Inspection?

Are Your Logistics Processes Ready for a GDP Inspection?

Maintaining a high standard of GDP logistics compliance is a difficult task. By following these seven steps, you can:

  • understand the standard expected of you,
  • document how you are meeting and maintaining these standards,
  • be prepared to answer questions from inspectors, and,
  • take a snapshot view of your performance.
Tackling Temperature Excursions: Risks, Challenges and Solutions

Tackling Temperature Excursions: Risks, Challenges and Solutions

A typical excursion can take over 40 labor hours to investigate involving multiple departments. Reducing that time by even just 10% per investigation through better collaboration efforts can save hundreds of thousands of dollars for an organization.

Due to the implications of improperly stored drugs, regulator demands have become more stringent and pharmaceutical companies need to be able to prove that their products are not compromised by temperature excursions.

Facing a potential excursion, manufacturers must be able to verify the product status to prevent risking patient safety, but also avoid incurring any unnecessary wastage.

In this report, Pharma IQ spoke exclusively to Saddam Huq, Global QA Senior Manager, Distribution & Cold Chain, GSK Vaccines about temperature excursions on a global scale and managing the risks associated with different regions, freight types and the challenges of data management.

Pharma Logistics Compliance Report

Pharma Logistics Compliance Report

This whitepapers covers the latest pharmaceutical logistics regulatory developments around the globe related to FMD, MHRA, ICH Q12, PACMP, GMP, DSCSA and more! Designed specifically to keep you up to date with key developments that will shape the compliance agenda. Highlights include:

  • GMP inspections international collaboration efforts
  • Supply Chain Security and Traceability – GPS
  • EMA regulations
  • Points to remember for your next GDP inspection
  • The latest on Human Drug Compounding Outsourcing Facilities regulations
  • An analysis of ICH Q12 concepts
  • The cost of Brexit and the road forward
  • An overview of EU's recently published report detailing the implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)