2020 Canadian Cold Chain Market Report

2020 Canadian Cold Chain Market Report

This in-depth, 15 page report takes a deep dive into:

  • The latest Health Canada regulatory updates
  • How Canada's cold chain leaders are combating drug shortages
  • Cutting-edge last mile delivery innovations & solutions

Canada's life sciences temperature controlled supply chain has never been riper for disruption. In between evolving regulations and the emergence of game-changing technology such as AI and autonomous, the industry is poised for unprecedented change in 2020 and over the next decade. Download this special report to learn more about:

  • GUI-0069 guidelines and projected 2020 updates
  • Changes to the guidance on drug establishment licenses and associated fees
  • 2020 GMP changes
  • Licensing for atypical active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • How AI and supply chain analytics are transforming the way biopharma firms confront drug shortages
  • The current state of and the road ahead for autonomous trucking, real-time temperature control monitoring and AI-powered drone delivery

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