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15 - 17 June, 2020 | Toronto, ON

Tackling Temperature Excursions: Risks, Challenges and Solutions

Tackling Temperature Excursions: Risks, Challenges and Solutions

A typical excursion can take over 40 labor hours to investigate involving multiple departments. Reducing that time by even just 10% per investigation through better collaboration efforts can save hundreds of thousands of dollars for an organization.

Due to the implications of improperly stored drugs, regulator demands have become more stringent and pharmaceutical companies need to be able to prove that their products are not compromised by temperature excursions.

Facing a potential excursion, manufacturers must be able to verify the product status to prevent risking patient safety, but also avoid incurring any unnecessary wastage.

In this report, Pharma IQ spoke exclusively to Saddam Huq, Global QA Senior Manager, Distribution & Cold Chain, GSK Vaccines about temperature excursions on a global scale and managing the risks associated with different regions, freight types and the challenges of data management.

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