Monday 27 JULY 2020 | 8:50 AM - 11:15 PM (AEST)

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8:50  AM

Conference Opening – Remarks from the Conference Chairperson   

9:00 AM

Pernod Ricard Identifying Opportunity in Crisis: Observations and Strategies for Responding to the Impact of Covid19
The world economy is more globalized than ever and as a result, the spread of Covid19 and the measures taken to contain it have become highly disruptive to fragile global supply chains. In this session, Ron will share his observations and experiences on the impact of the virus on global supply chains.

  • The impact of Covid19 on manufacturing and supply chain operations at Pernod Ricard
  • Response to the new pressures, constraints and changing customer behaviours
  • The challenges of aligning actions to changing government restrictions as well as business need
  • Leveraging the benefits and navigating the challenges to achieve successes
  • How migrating from standard inventory control practices to AI and IoT applications can help during covid19 impact 

Ron Hurley, Director Supply Chain, Pernod Ricard Pacific

9:30 AM

Panel discussion: Increasing value of the chain across economic, environmental and social practices
Supply chains have always been in the spotlight by customers and stakeholders to implement corporate social responsibility initiatives. Satisfying expectations by delivering value across the triple bottom line (people, planet and profit) is now higher than ever, and companies and brands that don’t deliver optimal ethical and sustainable practices are fading the market. This session will cover how to improve visibility across local and global businesses to meet clients and partners needs and increase value of the entire chain.

  • Introducing automation and robotics into supply chain operations
  • Using automation as an enabler for greater visibility, traceability and responsiveness
  • Increasing savings by eliminating double tasks
  • Safeguarding business – how can automation help during times of crisis?
  • Preparing teams and stakeholders for transformation and automation
  • Panelists:
    Chair: Monique Fenech, Head of Sales & Marketing, Australasian Supply Chain Institute
    Rosita van Vuuren, Executive Director, Global Sourcing, Operations and Transformation, Best & Less
    Sivakumar Ayyaswamy, Head of Logistics – Regional Asia Pacific, BSH Home Appliances

10:00 AM


10:15 AM

Increasing business profitability through SCM in the highly competitive retail sector

As the retail industry struggles to increase business revenue in sales with continually lower prices to remain competitive, businesses rely on supply chain transformation to improve efficiency and cost models to make major savings and increase profitability. In this case study, Rosita shares how Best & Less is using their supply chain to achieve a competitive advantage, and to bring them closer to their customers.

  • What does supply chain transformation mean to Best&Less?
  • Where can efficiencies be made?
  • Case study - challenges, successes and learnings
  • Improving customer communications and experience

Rosita van Vuuren, Executive Director, Global Sourcing, Operations and Transformation, Best & Less

10.45 AM

R.M. Williams: Adopting a Customer Focused Supply Chain Operation
Before the outbreak of Covid19, it was clear that a customer-centric focus to supply chain operations would lead to better visibility across need and therefore improved accuracy in response. however, in this unprecedented environment the need for customer centricity is even more acute. in this session, Rachid will demonstrate how RM Williams are ensuring a customer focus is embedded in every aspect of business operations and how this is proving ever more critical in the current era.

• How digital can play a role in customer centric operations
• Ensuring nimble response to market changes and customer need
• Communications strategy: working with the customer to ensure joint benefits
• Changing customer needs in times of crisis: visibility, predictions and response

Rachid Maliki, General Manager Supply Chain and Procurement, R.M. Williams

11:15 AM

End of Day 1– Closing Remarks/Summary

Afternoon Premium Networking Session (Invite- Only) – Interactive Discussion Groups
The Virtual IDGs operate as an Invitation-only networking opportunity for senior end-user profiles There will be 3 IDG topics running in parallel. Invited end-users will select 2 out of 3 IDGs to participate in. Each IDG session will run for 1 hour over two rotations. There will be 5 end-users in each rotation. 

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