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Change & Collaboration PART II: Process Standardization & Documentation

By: Elizabeth Mixson

When comparing models, many firms struggle to determine which packages they should invest in to transport their medicines; due to the lack of standardization in the qualification testing conducted by manufacturers.

The existing guidance on qualification testing is helpful, but the number of different thermal profiles and testing procedures used in the market (regarding product loads, preconditioning requirements, etc.), can create confusion when trying to directly compare containers.

Change & Collaboration PART I: The Keys to Temperature Controlled Logistics Success

By: Pharma IQ Editorial Team

Organizations change for a range of reasons: to close performance gaps, seize new opportunities, to accommodate for a new merger or perhaps abandon certain projects in favor of more successful ones.

Pharma is one of the most conservative industries –namely due to the fact that its products are high risk – very influential to the health, well-being and in some cases the survival of their consumers. Regulations must be met to ensure that medicine quality and patient safety is