Change & Collaboration in Pharma Logistics

Change & Collaboration in Pharma Logistics

Pharma is one of the most conservative industries –namely due to the fact that its products are high risk – very influential to the health, well-being and survival of their consumers. Regulations must be met to ensure that medicine quality and patient safety is protected. Therefore any changes, be it to product or process, need to be controlled to ensure that these vital elements are not in anyway jeopardized.

In the latest article by Pharma IQ,we uncover:

  • How to identify and overcome common obstacles to change management in pharma
  • Establishing standardized packaging vendor qualification requirements
  • Why collaboration and intelligence sharing between drug manufacturers could drastically improve the landscape for the general market. 
  • And more!

Features insights by:

  • Guy Hoskens, Clinical Supply Chain Logistics Expert, Janssen, Pharmaceutical
  • Tonino Antonetti, Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Management, Safety & Health, Roche Diagnostics 
  • Craig Vermeyen, Senior Manager, Packaging Engineer, Kite Pharma 

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