From Production to Patients: Last Mile Optimization

From Production to Patients: Last Mile Optimization

Though life sciences companies see value across the full supply chain, it’s the last mile that matters the most to the customer. When customers can’t get what they want when they want it due to product loss, theft, spoilage, counterfeiting or other disruptions, it can be incredibly damaging to a company’s brand and bottom line.

Optimizing that last mile involves careful coordination between a complex network of partners, distributors, outsourcers, wholesalers, etc. to ensure the right product reaches the right consumer at the right time. A difficult task for any company but especially so for life sciences companies who’s supply chains are highly regulated and reach a customer base rivaled by few.

With this survey, we aim to demystify the last mile of the pharma supply chain (final packaging to customer delivery) by identifying potential areas of improvement, trending solutions and best practices. Our goal is to provide the industry with new set of benchmarks, data and expert analysis to help accelerate their supply chain optimization journey.

We surveyed 150+ pharma logistics leaders to learn more about the key challenges, solutions and trends impacting the last mile of the life sciences supply chain. Highlights include:

  • Analysis of what causes the most last mile disruptions and how firms are addressing these issues
  • An overview of our respondents top strategic priorities
  • Facts & figures that outline where cold chain leaders are looking to invest on 2018 & 2019

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