Early Maturity: The Fundamentals of Cold Chain Logistics

We recognize the importance of upskilling new entrants to the industry as quickly as possible through practical case studies on the fundamentals of cold chain. Leapfrog your journey by mastering the basics of establishing an end-to-end supply chain, validate your lane and shipping qualifications, mitigating hidden costs and dealing with unplanned temperature excursions.

If you are looking for best practice when it comes to Cold Chain 101, you won’t want to miss these sessions in Boston this year:

  • Sonoco Thermosafe Master Class: Certification Program- Life-Cycle Development of Temperature Assurance Packaging (TAP)
  • Improve Lane Performance through the use of Real-Time Temperature and Location Monitoring
  • Overcoming Challenges with Managing End to End to Cold Chain Integrity
  • Ensuring On-Time Delivery and Mitigating Carrier Excursions- Also How to Deal With This!
  • Leveraging Process Efficiencies to Reduce Temperature Control Completion Time
  • Meeting Global Regulatory Requirements For Your New Products
  • Real Life Stories: Discover the Unknown Challenges of Temperature Controlled Products
  • Managing the Relationship with Logistics Partners to Optimize Collective Value of your Partnership
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Ensuring Physical and Cyber Security for Your Supply Chain
  • Interactive Discussion Groups: Setting Strategy for Transportation Qualifications, Create a Sustainable Supply Chain, Determine the Optimal Shipping Mode for your Product Lines, DSCSA/FMD Traceability Challenges and Opportunities

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