Establish a Seamless, Compliant and Effective End-to-End Temperature-Controlled Supply Chain

Evolving patient-centric delivery models, expanding temperature-sensitive portfolios through an influx of new product developments, varying operating practices to fulfil regulatory guidelines, and increasing physical and cyber threats mean that crucial supply chain stability is now under severe threat. At the CCGF this year, we want to ensure that you find practical case studies to achieve the optimal equilibrium between patient centricity, operational and cost efficiency throughout your supply chain.

If this is your key objective, you won’t want to miss these sessions in Boston this year:

  • Workshop A: Reducing Total Cost of Ownership for your Cold Chain through Strategic Partnerships
  • Workshop B: Achieving Visibility, Automation and Control in End-to-End Temperature Control Distribution
  • Opening Keynote: Why You Matter: Saving Lives through Evolving Supply Chain and Patient Centric Delivery Models
  • Panel Discussion: Adopting a Patient First Mentality: Create the Culture Vital to Success in Your Temperature Controlled Logistics Supply Chain
  • Interactive Discussion Groups: Setting Strategy for Transportation Qualifications, Create a Sustainable Supply Chain, Last Mile Distribution: Lock in the Risky Part of your Supply Chain Journey
  • Early Maturity Track Session: Overcoming Challenges with Managing End to End to Cold Chain Integrity
  • Early Maturity Track Session: Ensuring On-Time Delivery and Mitigating Carrier Excursions- Also How to Deal With This!
  • Early Maturity Track Session: Real Life Stories: Discover the Unknown Challenges of Temperature Controlled Products,
  • Mid Maturity Track Session:  AstraZeneca Case Study: Establishing a Centre of Excellence to Streamline Global Logistics and Processes
  • Advanced Maturity Track Session: Standardizing Processes and Solutions Globally to Ensure Global Supply Chain Delivery
  • Advanced Maturity Track Session: Mitigating Supply Chain Disruption While Ensuring Product Quality in Developing Markets 
  • Plenary Session: C-Suite Perspective on Top Business Challenges: Seeing Global Supply Chains Through to the Last Mile
  • Plenary Session: Overcoming the Greatest Supply Chain Challenges in the Transit of Cell and Gene Therapy Products

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