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Whitepaper: End-to-end supply chain visibility

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Posted: 07/13/2017

Supply chain visibility provides a number of returns for pharma firms. According to, Henrik Fröjdh, Associate Director of supply chain management at Merck, inventory reduction was one of the biggest drivers for Merck’s supply chain visibility business case. With a better understanding of the supply chain, shippers can manage risks proactively.

The tracking required in serialization projects greatly enhances supply chain visibility levels. Embedded sensors right down to the individual product gives live location and safety information. This refined clarity places more control and actionable information at the hands of supply chain stakeholders for forecasting to enhance the network’s efficiency. This can lead to reduced risk, increased quality and lower wastage. These benefits should lead to savings, but also an improvement to service, as the firm is enabled to make the right decisions at earlier points. Also, higher visibility allows for a complex supply chain to be managed at a lower headcount.

Ahead of the 15th Annual Global Forum for Temperature Controlled Life Science Supply Chains, Pharma Logistics IQ takes a look at end-to-end supply chain visibility in pharma.

Areas covered: 

  • Forecasting in clinical phases
  • Supply chain blind spots
  • Supply chain risk hotspots
  • International collaboration
  • The last mile

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Pharma Logi news
Posted: 07/13/2017