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Security and Authentication Guidebook

Posted: 05/12/2017

What is the True Cost of Counterfieting?

Essentra works with the healthcare industry to offer a combination of cutting-edge technology, a rigorous code of conduct and more than 30 years’ security experience that protects their brands. Their solutions work with strick adherence to legislative requirements such as those of European Falsified Medicines Directive.

Essentra's techniques don’t always have to be functional, they are designed to complement packaging to enhance brand, promotions and effects(1).

Essentra security1

You can browse the Security & Authentication Guidebook to learn more about their security solutions and its features and benefits. Below is a preview of the list of categories found in the guidebook to help you find the right security solution for your brand and consumers.

Essentra security2

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Security and Authentication Factsheets

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Posted: 05/12/2017