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Am the regulatory manager of Regulon AE, a biotech company based in Athens/Greece. Regulon has one of its products designated as an Orphan Drug by EMA/London and wants to initiates sales as 'compassionate use' or 'extend use' in the UK. Therefore, we are interested in getting into contact with a serious Logistics company to deliver the product from Athens/Greece to the relevant clinics/Hospitals within the UK - also the company will initiate clinical studies in the UK, so again it will be necessary to have a logistic company in order to forward the medicinal product to the relevant pharmacies of the Hospitals involved in the clinical studies - since myself and the company's CEO will be in London during October 1st (next Monday) would really like to have some appointments with reliable logistic companies, to discuss it with them. Is it possible to have a feedback from you asap pls ?

Author: Joanna08
Posted: 02/10/2016