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Triple action Tyvek® Air Cargo Covers at Cool Chain Europe

Cold Chain IQ News
Posted: 12/16/2013

Tyvek® Air Cargo Covers from DuPont provide a dependable and affordable means of complying with the new EU GDP for pharmaceutical products. They are on display at Cool Chain Logistics Europe 2014 in Luxembourg from 27 - 29 January, 2014.

High performance, triple action Tyvek® Air Cargo Covers provide pharmaceutical companies and their logistics providers with multi-threat thermal protection for goods in air transit. The covers provide a reliable and affordable means of protecting controlled room temperature (CRT pharma products, +15°C to +25°C) in accordance with the mandatory new EU GDP (Good Distribution Practice) which took effect on 7th September 2013.

Tyvek® Air Cargo Covers have been specifically developed to address the heat flow mechanisms that are at work in the
fluctuating air temperature scenarios typically found in air cargo logistics. Made from low conductivity Tyvek® fabric, they work through a combination of three complementary operating mechanisms; the white micro-fibre exterior surface of the covers providing a highly reflective barrier to external solar gain whilst the metallised inner surface of the covers presents a 'low-e' radiant barrier to help maintain core package temperatures. These reflective properties strongly address the threat of cold chain breaks and when combined with the benefits of the Tyvek® material's inherent vapour permeability the result is a unique, state-of-the-art protective envelope.

"It is this multi-mode approach that gives Tyvek® air cargo covers their class-leading temperature control characteristics," explains Malik Zeniti, Business Development Manager at DuPont. "When designing the Tyvek® covers we analysed the nature and incidence of pharma coolchain temperature spikes and dips together with the physical heat loss/gain mechanisms involved. The result is a protective cover that can maintain effective CRT conditions across the majority of air freight handling situations."

When developing the covers DuPont also assessed the risks and failure modes associated with different cover materials in a wide range of 'extreme case' operational scenarios. The results endorsed research and trials from elsewhere which had shown that when it comes to severe temperature excursions in air cargo handling the real problem relates more to rapid solar gain than to ambient temperatures. The DuPont findings also verified the fact that some commonly used packaging materials and products actually serve to increase the effect of solar radiation temperature gains during transport, often to unexpectedly high and dangerous levels.

The product's micro-porous composition is a key feature as Malik Zeniti explains: "While serving as a barrier to rain and snow, the inherent breathability of the Tyvek® reduces the possibility of packaging or label damage resulting from condensation. This quality is of particular importance where goods must be protected from freezing since excess moisture can exacerbate cooling effects and is further guarantee of temperature stability during transport."

Superior temperature control characteristics are not the only advantages of using Tyvek® Air Cargo Covers. They are very strong, tear-resistant, flame retardant, light in weight and very fast to fit. They provide tamper-protection, are fully weather-resistant and offer a highly effective barrier against air-borne contamination such as dust, pollen and bird droppings. They also exhibit favourable cooling properties compared to thermal blankets, which is a valuable time-saver in cases where products must be pre-cooled or need to cool down after extensive exposure.

Cold Chain IQ News
Posted: 12/16/2013

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