Creating End-to-End Supply Chain Synergy

15 - 17 June, 2020 | Toronto, ON

Cold Chain 2020: The Top Trends Shaping the Year Ahead

Cold Chain 2020: The Top Trends Shaping the Year Ahead

From the proliferation of IoT to the rise of artificial intelligence, 2020 is poised to be a BIG year for the pharmaceutical supply chain both within Canada and beyond. We invite you to read our latest report on the top temperature-controlled pharmaceutical logistics trends and what they mean for you. Plus! See results from our 2019 attendee survey to see how you compare to your peers when it comes to supply chain maturity, strategic priorities & budgets. 

A guidebook for the year ahead, DOWNLOAD to read the latest facts, figures & expert insights related to:

  • 2020 Industry Stats
  • Global Regulatory Updates: new DSCSA deadlines, Pilot Program highlights & global regulatory reform 
  • Blockchain in Brief: an overview of emerging blockchain applications and how they're maximizing cold chain security as well as efficiency 
  • Real-Time Tracking & Analytics: embracing visibility, accountability & data-driven decision making
  • New Avenues of Cost Control: using cutting-edge technology such as AI and machine learning to identify and exploit untapped savings throughout the pharma supply chain
  • Last Mile Delivery 4.0: exploring the temperature-controlled controlled supply chain in the age of drones, autonomous vehicles and customer-centricity 

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