Creating End-to-End Supply Chain Synergy

15 - 17 June, 2020 | Toronto, ON

The C-Suite Perspective’s on Top Supply Chain Initiatives

The C-Suite Perspective’s on Top Supply Chain Initiatives

Presentation by Shital Parik Mars, Chief Executive Officer, Progressive Care

Shital Mars is the Chief Executive Officer of Progressive Care, a personalized healthcare services and technology company. Under her direction, Shital has guided Progressive Care and its wholly-owned subsidiary PharmCo LLC on a rapid growth trajectory with the signing of an investment deal with The Benchmark Company in June 2018 and the acquisition of Touchpoint pharmacy. 

  • Creating and implementing systems that help improve patient adherence and provide risk management practices for physicians and providers.
  • Applying digital technologies to gain increased visibility into supply chain operations and make better and faster decisions
  • Combatting the nationwide opioid epidemic through a campaign designed to educate patients, physicians and providers on pain management alternatives

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