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Contributor: Pharma Logistics IQ
Posted: 03/16/2017
Pharma Logistics IQ brings you the latest regulatory developments from across the globe regarding medicinal transportation and quality control in the pharma supply chain. What are GDPs? Good Distribution Practices (GDPs) are supply chain quality assurance measures that ensure products  are consistently stored, transported and handled under sui Full Article »
Contributor: Andrea Charles
Posted: 06/17/2013
In this interview Mark Lovell, Senior Cold Chain Specialist from Shire talks to Andrea Charles from Cold Chain IQ, about the increasing focus by the regulators on controlled room temperature (CRT) / ambient products, investment levels in temperature controlled distribution and recent trends. Lovell also imparts his top tips for optimising Full Podcast »
Contributor: Cathy Roberson
Posted: 11/03/2016
One large pharmaceutical manufacturer’s transportation split is now 60% ocean. Besides the obvious lower costs why else would pharmaceutical manufacturers use a mode of transport that is so much slower? Full Column »
Contributor: Michael Scheno
Posted: 02/07/2017
Canada Merck
Many will argue that the accountability of ensuring product safety and integrity lies with the manufacturer from production to the end point of the supply chain. After all, it is their name on the label. But if that is the case, then where does the responsibility lie once a product changes hands? Full Whitepaper »