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Ave Den 2
Producers and purchasers of temperature-sensitive products have a vested interest to ensure the quality of their products, as well as to identify supply chain issues that may lead to compromised products. To address these needs, Avery Dennison... View now
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Pharma IQ spoke to Ayelet Weissbach of Opko Biologics at Clinical Trial Supply Europe on the industry's biggest challenges and the hurdles experienced with blinded clinical studies.
Steve Jacobs explores the challenges facing today's clinical trial industry and the potential solutions to overcome them. Please note that the Clinical Trial Regulation referenced to go into effect in May of this year has been postponed until... View now
Leon Dzivinsky Vice President & Senior Legal Counsel of PRA Health Sciences talks to Pharma Logistics IQ & Pharma IQ about Clinical Trial Supply Trends in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace of Genzyme outlines best practices to ensure product integrity is protected and accountability is defined throughout the supply chain.
Pharma M&As and Their Impacts On Cold Chain
Val Petursson, Managing Director PTC/PP & Logistics - Intl, Allergan speaks to Chanice Henry, Editor of Pharma Logistics IQ about the impacts of mergers and acquisitions within Pharma.
Jeff Cari
Jeff Carrico, Director of Pharmacy - Investigational Drug Service at Florida Hospital System and Member, Expert Committee, Packaging and Distribution, U.S. Pharmacopeia provides an overview of overarching chapters on Good Distribution Practices.
Christo van der Meer, Senior Supply Chain Consultant from FloraHolland provides insight from the flower industry on maximising quality for supply chain excellence.
114 video results
of 11