[Webinar] Real Time Monitoring: Will full supply chain visibility transform how we manage the cold chain?

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Pharmaceutical enterprises are making the change to real-time temperature monitoring solutions to access quality data earlier in the shipment process and automate their compliance efforts.

With the availability of total supply chain visibility data comes to need to effectively leverage it. 

In this webinar, Ada Palmadottir, Director of Business Development & Jessie VanderVeen, VP of Marketing at Controlant, discuss how supply chain executives and quality managers can leverage real time solutions and services to mitigate supply chain risk, reduce product and operational waste and drive sustainability initiatives and ROI. 

Key takeaways:

  • Discover how to save $7m in operational costs by switching to a real-time supply chain visibility solution
  • Delve into four case studies where a validated and compliant real-time solution was used for air, road and sea
  • Learn how a single solution can facilitate less reliance on external stakeholders for quality and compliance efforts

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