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Contributor: Chanice Henry
Posted: 11/01/2018
Chanice Henry
The threat of a drug shortage places considerable anxiety and concern on a patient, especially with critical medications. Full Content »
Contributor: Pharma Logistics IQ News
Posted: 04/01/2018
Cold Chain IQ News
Pharma Logistics IQ takes a look at some of the trends forecasted to take hold this year, digital transformation is due to keep on changing the supply chain and open up new opportunities. Full Content »
Contributor: Chanice Henry
Posted: 22/12/2017
Chanice Henry
The European Commission has recently adopted two new good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines, one fit with a deadline for compliance in May next year. Full Content »
Posted: 14/12/2017
The industry still has a lot to optimize regarding how Controlled Room Temperature (CRT) medicines are distributed across the globe. Full Content »
Contributor: Randstad Holding
Posted: 09/11/2017
This latest industry report shares insights on the increasing demand for supply chain talent - which looks to continue into 2018. Full Content »
Contributor: Pharma Logistics IQ
Posted: 26/10/2017
Pharma Logi news
Access the findings of the new temperature control report, which examines the weak points in the drug supply chain and strategies to unlock new efficiencies. Full Content »
Contributor: David Robinson
Posted: 14/09/2017
David Robinson
Online pharmacies in many parts of Europe are not bound by EU GDP rules, allowing them to bypass manufacturers’ temperature guidelines which could put patients’ health at risk Full Content »
Contributor: Pharma IQ
Posted: 06/09/2017
Pharma IQ
In working to protect the supply of medicines from breaches, import testing has been labelled as ‘redundant’ by experts. Full Content »
Contributor: Chanice Henry
Posted: 31/08/2017
Although some flaws remain in transporting Controlled Room Temperature (CRT) drugs via airfreight, providers in the space are taking strides to make the air more viable for medical cargo Full Content »
Contributor: Chanice Henry
Posted: 09/08/2017
The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) cracked down on illegal medicine distribution behaviours last year by issuing a round of unannounced inspections Full Content »
Contributor: Cathy Roberson
Posted: 03/08/2017
As China evolves into a major global economic player, its healthcare market is undergoing an evolution to meet not only the country’s global goals, but the needs of its population. Full Content »
200 results
of 19