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15 - 17 June, 2020 | Toronto, ON

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The 17th Cold Chain Global Forum Canada is returning to Toronto, February 26 - March 1, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Toronto. Join us for the largest temperature controlled life science supply chain event of it’s kind focusing specifically on the challenges and opportunities of the Canadian market.< ...

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Industry Report - Optimizing the Last Mile of the Supply Chain

Though life sciences companies see value across the full supply chain, it’s the last mile that matters the most to the customer. With this in mind, we surveyed 150+ pharma logistics leaders to learn more about the key challenges, solutions and trends impacting the last mile of the life scienc ...

Blockchain & The Temperature Controlled Supply Chain: Is It Time For Pharma Logistics Leaders In Canada to Embrace Blockchain?

As 2019 CCGF Canada speaker Nedal Ismail, Professor and Program Coordinator Bachelor of Commerce, Supply Chain Management & Management Studies, The Business School, Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, puts it, though "it is not immediately apparent if blockchain will bring ...

Health Canada Keynote at the 17th Cold Chain Global Forum Canada

IQPC is pleased to announce the new Keynote speaker for the 17th Cold Chain Global Forum Canada! Joining the all-star speaker faculty alon ...


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Claude Jolicoeur - Data Sharing and Temp Monitoring Tech

Join Claude Jolicoeur, Director of Regulatory Affairs, McKesson Canada Corp as he discusses topics that include; changes within the supply chain industry on capturing and sharing data, real time temp monitoring technologies & cold chain challenges within the Canadian market.

Andrea Guisbert-Williams - Cost Savings & Sustainability - Ocean

Join Andrea L. Guisbert-Williams, Project Manager, North American Logistics Operations, Eli Lilly & Company in an exclusive interview about the effect of growth of biologic based products on temp controlled operations, next generation medicines, and her case study, Discovering Eli Lilly’s Plan to Achieve Cost Savings & Sustainability Through a...

Gilles Gregoire - Direct to Patient Temp Controlled Supply

Join Gilles Jr. Gregoire, Global Transport Manager, Pharmascience as he discusses topics that include; the 3 biggest temperature controlled packaging trends, real time temp monitoring technologies, the growing trend towards “direct to patient” deliveries and much more.

The Evolution of the Temp Controlled Supply Chain Industry

We sat down and spoke with with Rey Chern, Director, Engineering, Amgen; Lisa Sykes, Director of Quality Operations and Sterile Network, Merck; Bernard McGarvey, Senior Engineering Advisor, Eli Lilly and Company; Dan Mirica, Former Head of Global Logistics, Lonza Biologics; & Henrik Fröjdh, Associate Director Supply Chain Management, Merck &...

Transporting Temperature Sensitive Medicines in Canada

Cold chains in Canada need to be especially robust due to the region’s vast territories, extreme temperatures and formidable regulatory processes amongst other potential complications. In this highlights video, we summarize our in-depth report on Distributing Medicines in Canada and showcase how pharmaceutical supply chain leaders overcome the challenges associated...

Cold Chain Global Forum Series Highlight Reel

Find out exactly what to expect at Cold Chain Global Forum Canada in our event highlight video. Get a taste of all the experiences CCGF Canada provides and take a look at the largest temperature controlled life science supply chain event in Canada.

McKesson on Canada’s Pharma Market

Claude Jolicoeur, Director of Regulatory Affairs, McKesson met with us at our Annual event and discussed McKesson’s temperature controlled supply chain journey including:Collaboration with carriers to keep temperatures within source conditionsChallenges with the last mile & saving cost in quality investmentsNeeds from data logging and RFID technologyEmail to request...

Emerging Tech for the Pharma Supply Chain

We sat down with Dan Mirica, Former Head of Logistics, Lonza Biologics and discussed:  blockchain applications for the pharma supply chainchallenges with drone implementation the emergence of self driving trucks in Europe

Innovation & Technology

Digitization and Big Data's Impact on the Pharma Supply Chain

Pharma and biotech organizations are beginning to implement some of the market’s newest technologies to enhance how they make decisions and predict outcomes in the supply chain. Take a look at stats on digitization and big data’s impact on current and future pharma supply chains.

Cyber Security in Pharma Report

Experts forecast that 2018 can expect cyber breaches only to get bigger with hackers and technologies getting smarter. This reality forces all organizations to bolster their defences – some are turning to machine-learning based features to automate risk detection by filtering alert data.Alongside utilising the benefits of digitalization, such as...

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2018 Event Recap: CCGF Canada Experience

Have you heard the buzz? Cold Chain Global Forum CANADA is back! While we're hard at work developing our 2019 program, check out our 2018 Post Show Report to find out what you missed last time around. This short event recap includes:Facts & figures from our onsite survey of 100+...

Past Attendee Snapshot: Find Out Who Attended CCGF in 2018!

Interested in attending the 2019 Cold Chain Global Forum Canada? Don't forget to do your due diligence first! Download our past attendee snapshot to get a preview of who you can expect to meet and learn from this year! Top job titles include VPs, Directors and Heads of:Cold ChainTemperature Control...

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CCGF Canada - 2019 Current Attendee List

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2018 Presentations

Adapting a Unique Supply Chain Model

Presentation by Rick Prinzen, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Canadian Blood Services.In this presentation, the Canadian Blood Service Distinctive Distribution Network is examined.Understand more about their organizational structure and how their unique supply chain operatesReview the constraints and considerations for shipping blood everyday with small parcel shipments across the countryHow to...

Strategy for Temperature Controlled Transportation Validation

Presentation by Navid Choudhury, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Planning, Novo Nordisk.BEST PRACTICE SHARING: Learn about BPOG’s Collaborative Best- Practice Strategy for Temperature Controlled Transportation Validation.Discover what 14 pharmaceutical global companies involved in the working group have collaboratively determined to be the best-practice strategies for shipping lane and equipment validationUncover potential...

Taking Flight with DISC & the Four Personality Styles

Check out our end of the day keynote by Merrick Rosenberg, CEO and Co-founder, Take Flight Learning, Author The Chameleon.Discover the four personality styles and how they affect the way you interact with othersGain the ability to quickly and accurately read people’s styles in any settingUnderstand how overusing your strengths...

Advantages of Universal Reusable Pack-Out Containers

Presentation by Julie Carriere, VP Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs, Accuristix, a division of ATSCanada offers challenges to temperature controlled shipments, from the size and breadth of the country to the wide range of temperatures throughout the year. 3PLs distributing across Canada for their clients face unique challenges of complexity...

EXCLUSIVE CASE STUDY: Eli Lilly Update – Air to Ocean Project

See results from Eli Lily's biologic shipping study launch exploring how they sent 5 different biologic products on the ocean:How they dealt with the different dynamics of launching from both Europe & US at the same timeDiscuss their expansion to different countries on the current platformReview the qualification & regulatory...

Addressing Drug Shortages in Canada and Industry

Presentation by Jill Craven, VP Pharmacy Services, Mohawk Medbuy Corporation.Discuss the group buying organization structure and how back orders can cause severe delaysReview the impact outsourced materials from India & China have on shortages in CanadaHow to prepare for shortages ahead of time by adjusting your inventory management & demand...

Articles, Interviews & Whitepapers

Market Challenges: Distributing Medicines in Canada

To be adequately equipped to distribute medicines throughout Canada, pharma firms must be fully educated on the bespoke pain points this region has to offer. Canada’s pharmaceutical market is primed to grow to $25 bn by 2021, according to consulting firm GlobalData. With a 2.5% share of the global market,...

BENCHMARKING REPORT: Are You Spending Too Much On Temperature Controlled Logistics

Strategic and effective supply chain planning and management can help improve processes, increase cost efficiency and provide a robust, secure end-to-end journey for products. But maintaining GDP compliance whilst ensuring cost efficiency throughout the supply chain can often be challenging; selecting the right partners and solutions, and managing them effectively,...

Are Your Logistics Processes Ready for a GDP Inspection?

Maintaining a high standard of GDP logistics compliance is a difficult task. By following these seven steps, you can:understand the standard expected of you,document how you are meeting and maintaining these standards,be prepared to answer questions from inspectors, and,take a snapshot view of your performance.

Tackling Temperature Excursions: Risks, Challenges and Solutions

A typical excursion can take over 40 labor hours to investigate involving multiple departments. Reducing that time by even just 10% per investigation through better collaboration efforts can save hundreds of thousands of dollars for an organization.Due to the implications of improperly stored drugs, regulator demands have become more stringent...