[Guide] Supply Chain 101: How to hit the ground running

Kevin Hickman, Senior Manager of Supply Chain Distribution at Gilead sciences shares how those in the early stages of the pharmaceutical supply chain can hit the ground running

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In our recent Global State of the Temperature Controlled Pharma Supply Chain survey, 38% of respondents told us they were in the early maturity phase (0-3 years) of their cold chain journey. With the growing number of biotech, therapeutics, cell and gene and innovative drug development companies, this is not surprising.

But for those in this early stage of temperature controlled supply, it can seem like a daunting task.

The vendor landscape is complex, the operation challenges are mounting and you are constantly trying to balance a growing number of risks. It’s far from an easy project.

We spoke to Kevin Hickman, Senior Manager of Supply Chain Distribution at Gilead Sciences to hear his advice for how you can achieve cold chain success. With over 20 years of experience in commercial and clinical pharma and biopharma transport management, he understands the key critical success factors you need to know.

In this report, Kevin covers:

  • Why due diligence is a critical part of the process
  • How to leverage the experience of those around you
  • Why you need to fully understand your risk map and tolerance, and,
  • How to set yourself up for scalability

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