[Webinar] How to avoid packaging recalls using quality control tools

Learn how to take a pro-active approach to packaging content quality control and enable your team to spend more time creating meaningful artwork

Discover how to improve pharma’s packaging through quality control tools that fit directly into content processes

This webinar will take place on:
26 May, 2021
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM BST

A minor error in packaging artwork, labels and leaflets can cause product recalls and negatively impact a patient’s life. In the proofing process for packaging components, a file routed for approval usually goes through multiple approval cycles, often requiring files to be downloaded and uploaded between systems. This part of the process can leave room for significant human error, from downloading the wrong files to uploading the incorrect version of a file with the same name.

Join this interactive panel discussion between Esko and InformaIT to discover how to correct packaging errors quickly and create high-quality content while saving time on the proofing process. Jackie Leslie, Category Specialist at Esko and Johan Johansson, CTO of InformaIT, will dive into the common quality control challenges and how they can be remedied with process management and integrated tools.

Save your seat and address how to:

  • Overcome the potential for error in the proofreading process.
  • Be proactive in catching errors to avoid recalls.
  • Avoid the download-upload-download cycle in packaging creation.
  • Secure the process for quality packaging content.
  • Enable content compare tools directly into the content process.


Jackie Leslie, Category Specialist - Life Sciences at Esko Brand Solutions

Jackie Leslie has 20 years of experience in labeling and artwork management and focuses on the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors. Leslie works with companies to understand their business challenges and industry best practices, and her goal is to help companies identify business opportunities to increase speed-to-market, improve product quality and reduce risk.

Johan Johansson, CTO of InformaIT

Johan Johansson is the CTO of InformaIT, a leading provider of automated proofreading solutions. Johansson and his colleagues are providing solutions to Fortune 500 companies all over the world in the pharmaceutical, food and CPG industries.

This webinar will take place at:

  • 10am EST
  • 7am PST
  • 4pm CET