An Open and Shut Case: Trends in Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

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The growth of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and biological materials that require special handling, including cold chain storage and management, it will reach US$9.58B by 2016 when it is anticipated  8 of the top 10 best-selling global drug products will require 2 to 8 degree C cold chain storage and handling. Monitoring the temperature of biopharmaceuticals from the manufacturer to the health care provider is critical to ensure product efficacy and patient safety, however traditional cold chain solutions:

  • Do not provide the ability to cost effectively monitor the temperature data in-transit at every stage of the shipping process without opening the shipment and unpacking the contents to access the data on the temperature monitor.
  • May not provide an easy to access or comprehensive data record of the product’s temperature history (inside the container) to the recipient.
  • Don’t deliver the ability to access and share information easily using cloud-based data services.

This webinar will discuss how new solutions utilizing wireless temperature monitoring and cloud-based technologies address these issues and provide actionable data for proactive management of the pharmaceutical cold chain.  You will learn how to:

  • Optimize temperature management and document chain-of-custody.
  • Identify and respond to potential issues in the supply chain before excursions occur.
  • Ensure that manufacturers, 3PLs, couriers and health care providers can document that the product has been properly shipped and will be effective and safe for the patient.
  • Successfully address ePedigree and serialization requirements.
  • Improve profitability by reducing the amount of wasted or lost product in the supply chain.
Peter Mehring Chief Executive Officer Intelleflex

Peter brings extensive experience in engineering, operations and general management at emerging companies and large enterprises. As CEO of Intelleflex, he has led the company's efforts in pioneering on-demand data visibility and condition monitoring solutions for the fresh produce and pharmaceutical markets. He was formerly Vice President of the Macintosh hardware group at Apple Computer, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Echelon, and founder, General Manager and Vice President of R&D at UMAX.

Eelco de Jong Founder and Managing Director Antaris Solutions

Mr. De Jong is leading the sales and marketing activities at Antaris Solutions. Mr. De Jong founded Antaris after serving as Director Marketing & Business Development at Ambient Systems, the global pioneer in wireless sensor networking. At Ambient Mr. De Jong developed a global channel partner network and initiated the development of the SmartView application for the cold chain market. Mr. De Jong is a recognized expert in the field of RFID and wireless sensor networking, and previously worked as Global RFID Domain Lead at Logica, an international IT services provider. Mr. De Jong holds a Masters Degree in Econometrics from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management in Boston, USA.

Larry Sweeney Chief Operating Officer DDN – Milwaukee, WI

Larry Sweeney is Chief Operating Officer of DDN, the largest privately-held provider of outsourced channel management and business services to the life science industry. Before joining the Milwaukee-based firm, Sweeney was Senior Director, Distribution and Logistics for Genzyme Corporation in Framingham, Mass., where he oversaw the strategic planning and management of all distribution, transportation, import/export, customs compliance and third-party logistics partner activities worldwide for the past 10 years. Sweeney has a BS in biology from Fairfield University and an MA in organizational design from Pepperdine University. He spent 26 years in active and reserve service with the United States Marine Corps, from which he retired in 2001 as a Lieutenant Colonel. He has 25 years experience in pharmaceutical distribution and logistics, and also has worked for Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca.

Gerrit-Jan Steenbergen VP of the 3i Innovation Centre Zetes