Digital supply chain solution aims to spur pharma’s innovation efforts

A new partnership will lead to the expansion of track and trace, brand protection, consumer engagement and sustainability solutions

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A plan to create a robust digital supply chain solution for track and trace, brand protection, personalized consumer engagement and sustainability has been launched by rfxcel and Digimarc Corporation.

The partnership will aim to create a digital feature by leveraging Digimarc’s barcode software, a proprietary program that enhances packaging, labels, corrugate and other materials with data, with rfxcel’s signature Traceability System (rTS) and Mobile Traceability app, an Internet of Things-enabled monitoring solution for raw materials and finished goods traceability.

Integrating Digimarc’s data capture software into rfxcel’s rTS and Mobile Traceability app will enable for more accurate, complete and timely data to be delivered to supply chain decision-makers, the companies claimed.

Glenn Abood, CEO and co-founder of rfxcel, said: “At the heart of it, our partnership with Digimarc is about innovating the digital supply chain.”

The companies’ technologies offer the promise of a digital supply chain by improving data capture devices and product security by including an imperceptible code for brand protection that is difficult to counterfeit, an accurate scanning system for track and trace, and the capability to reduce waste and ink usage to help meet wider sustainability goals.

“We live in a world of connected products and people,” Abood said. “Digimarc Barcode and [rfxcel’s] rTS platform will deliver the “one-two punch” of optimized data capture, using that data for real-time track and trace and to safeguard products to boost brand protection and awareness, and connect with consumers.”

Brian O’Sullivan, vice-president of sales and business development, added: “We are excited to partner with rfxcel to help customers transform their business with automatic identification and detection. rfxcel and Digimarc help consumer brands, industrial goods manufacturers and similar companies protect their products from counterfeiters, streamline their supply chain operations, reach their sustainability goals and reduce risk from product recalls.”

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