The Indian Cold Chain Pharma Market

Karan Chechi

The current pharmaceutical supply chain scenario in India is extremely complex. One of the main reasons for this complex supply chain environment is the presence of more than 55,000 retail pharmacies which are spread across India. In India, large number of medicines and other such facilities are required to be transported to the distant areas through poorly connected routes. Due to the poor transport facilities in India the cost of drugs is much higher than the USA or Europe. About 1/3rd of the revenues generated by the drugs companies have been spent on the transportation only.

The problem of poor supply chain management becomes even more severe when the temperature sensitive drugs such as Polio vaccines, life saving drugs, etc. are required to be transported to the far flung areas. Hence the presence of proper supply chain management which also includes the temperature controlled vehicles and store houses have become important for the pharmaceutical industry of India. Now companies as well as the government have started taking initiatives to transport the medicines in such a manner that the drug or vaccines reaches the target area without losing its efficiency. Currently the market value of temperature controlled vehicles which are deployed for the transportation of pharmaceutical products is more than USD 3.8 Million, which is likely to reach at around USD 17.1 Million in next five years. Under the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-2017), The Department of Pharmaceutical has asked for the assistance of around INR 50 Crore (USD 9.2 Million) for setting up the cold chain facilities across India. The market value of vaccine market in India is around USD 180.5 Million, which is growing at a healthy pace of around 25%-30% annually. Vaccines require the support of temperature controlled environment right from the point of their initial stage of production to their final distribution. This indicates the unexplored potential for both the domestic as well as the international players which are present in the cold chain management system.

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