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Cold Chain Data Management – Combining Temperature & Shipment Information

This FREE webinar was recorded on:
Thursday, March 15, 2012
09:00 AM - 10:00 AM EDT
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Cold Chain Data Management – Combining Temperature & Shipment Information

Avoiding Data Overload

Temperature monitoring is an important part of the pharmaceutical cold chain management. Thousands of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products are being shipped daily accompanied by data loggers tracking the temperature during transportation. Today the shipping information is often processed independently of temperature data. As an identifier the ID Number of the data logger is entered into a database at the sender. At destination this is not visible or has to be retrieved in a complicated way.

A new approach will combine the shipping information with the temperature date. This data management encompasses the collection, availability and use of data (temperature and shipping), to assure the integrity of the products during transportation and storage.

The challenges are:

  • Allocation of shipment information (AWB, Origin, Destination etc.) to the temperature data
  • Informing the data management system about the new open shipment
  • Assuring the data integrity over the supply chain
  • Collecting the data from several countries
  • Archiving all these data
  • Processing the alarms according to an alarm dispositive
  • Allowing data access to the right people
  • Reducing the total costs

This free webinar will show one ideal way to manage this data in a cost effective way.



Alois Bischof
President and CEO
ELPRO Switzerland

Alois Bischof
President and CEO of ELPRO Switzerland

Alois Bischof is the Founder and CEO of ELPRO, a leading Swiss Datalogger Manufacturer focusing on Cold Chain, Site and Central Monitoring. He graduated with a MSc in thermo dynamics and system engineering. With 25 years experience in the field, he is dedicated to support Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical companies in meeting the authority requirements while improving their processes and quality. As the inventor of the PDF datalogger in 2006, he sees this idea now implemented by his company and many other brands, providing ease of use and fast investigation. Libero PDF Loggers unique features and low cost convinced major pharmaceutical companies and clinical trial organizations. See: