Cold Chain Logistics Cold Chain IQ's Leaders in 2012 Part 14

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Cold Chain IQ is in the fortunate position to work with a great number of knowledge leaders and well known figures within the cold chain logistics industry. While compiling our whitepapers, articles and webinars, and by attending our global portfolio of events we get to see plenty of good business people, but there are some who we believe make it to that next level – they are true leaders in their field. Each part of this series identifies one such leader and explains what we think sets them apart from the rest.

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Gary Hutchinson President, Modality Solutions

According to the cold chain expert in thermal packaging engineering and controlled environment logistics for biotechnology and high risk products, the biggest change on the horizon is not going to be just temperature controlled logistics. With more complex proteins on the market questions are being asked around the formulation and potential impact of other hazards in transport, such as shock and vibration, humidity and pressure changes along with temperature.

"I think if I had to look into my crystal ball three years from now we’re not going to be talking about temperature controlled logistics; we’re going to be talking about controlled environment logistics. And we’re going to be asked to monitor and control and design around a lot of hazards in the supply chain other than just temperature excursions,"

Over the last 12 years, Gary Hutchinson has concentrated on developing logistics processes and managed supply chain professional organisations in the life sciences.

His focus has been on shock and temperature-sensitive, high-risk products and medical devices — including tissue heart valves, cardiac monitoring equipment, and perfusion systems. Most recently as Director of Global Transportation at Amgen, he designed logistics networks and solutions for biologics and solid oral dosages — including cold-chain logistics networks, import/export compliance, and transport validation. Gary orchestrates regulatory requirements, business needs, and available technologies into business solutions with high reliability and top performance.

Gary is a leading advocate for the creation of a master plan for transport validation for the biotechnology industry. The approach includes product and process characterization, operational qualification of equipment, processes, product, and performance qualification of the entire system.

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