Cold Chain Logistics – Cold Chain IQ’s Leaders in 2012 Part 10

Cold Chain IQ

Cold Chain IQ is in the fortunate position to work with a great number of knowledge leaders and well known figures within the cold chain logistics industry. While compiling our whitepapers, articles and webinars, and by attending our global portfolio of events we get to see plenty of good business people, but there are some who we believe make it to that next level – they are true leaders in their field. Each part of this series identifies one such leader and explains what we think sets them apart from the rest.

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Richard Ellinger Principal, Temperature Assurance Group Richard Ellinger has been active as a Cold Chain Supplier since 2005 working first with ThermoSafe Brands and now with TAG.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies have successful engaged in number competitive collaboration initiatives over the years and Ellinger believes that collaboration between like-suppliers is crucial for future success

"Collaboration helps us to continuously improve our business processes and products, and continuous improvement of your company and the market is beneficial for everyone.

"Continuous improvement activities breed sustainable positive results – and a sustainable business model including continuous improvement is the key to success in the global cold chain market," Ellinger says.

Rich Ellinger is a trailblazer who seeks new, creative and cost effective solutions for all stakeholders. -Jacqueline Russo Kuehne + Nagel

His current research study involves discovering the best 'track and trace', 'chain of custody' and full-service logistics services; and his current training program is dedicated to suppliers so they might improve their ability to win business by maintaining a high-quality, regulatory compliant service or product while working within the framework of the cold chain decision-making process.

I have had the pleasure of working with Rich Ellinger and he is one of the most knowledgeable individuals I know in the Cold Chain arena. Furthermore, his integrity, organizational, and leadership skills are second to none. - Greg Aron ACH Foam Technologies

"I am looking forward to what lies ahead for temperature-controlled packaging. As the market shifts from complex one-use packing systems to easy-to-use re-usable systems," says Ellinger

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