Cold Chain Logistics Cold Chain IQ's Leaders in 2012 Part 4

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Cold Chain IQ

Cold Chain IQ is in the fortunate position to work with a great number of knowledge leaders and well known figures within the cold chain logistics industry. While compiling our whitepapers, articles and webinars, and by attending our global portfolio of events we get to see plenty of good business people, but there are some who we believe make it to that next level – they are true leaders in their field. Each part of this series identifies one such leader and explains what we think sets them apart from the rest.

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Martin Peter Head of Sales, Elpro

"Although an increasing number of experts and industry guidelines define the owner’s responsibility with regard to product integrity over the entire end-to-end supply chain, many companies only focus on certain parts of the chain – for example, up to the point where responsibility is handed-over to the wholesaler. Additionally, the various phases in the development cycle of a product (R&D, clinical trials and commercial) are considered separately. Nevertheless, even though the focus is on just a few steps in one phase within the chain, it remains a complex issue, and data management is a considerable challenge," Peter says.

As a Senior Consultant and later as Engagement Manager, Martin has worked in the areas of strategy, process consulting/IT, M&A and cost cutting for a business consultancy focused on travel and transport industry.

In 2003 Martin joined Envirotainer as Commercial Manager, and had roles in product development, business development, marketing and sales. As Vice President Sales, he was also member of the Executive Management Team of Envirotainer. In this position he was one of the key drivers behind Envirotainer’s transition to become a partner to the pharmaceutical clients and the logistics industry focusing on cold chain management. In 2008 Martin joined ELPROBUCHS, Switzerland, as Director of ELPRO’s cold chain activities.

Peter has witnessed a shift towards a global focus and perspective in the temperature controlled supply chain for life science products.

"We see in the cold chain landscape that things are coming to a higher level. A higher level in a sense that, when maybe 10 or 5 years ago the focus was more on brining something from A to B, or the focus was solving a particular problem from regional site. It comes on a higher level take things are looked at globally, company wide. Companies want to solve their entire chain from A to B. They want to solve things concerning to commercial products, concerning clinical trials, storing at site, storing at clinical sites, so basically the whole range or life cycle of a product," he says.

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