Cold Chain Logistics Cold Chain IQ's Leaders in 2012 Part 2

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Cold Chain IQ is in the fortunate position to work with a great number of knowledge leaders and well known figures within the cold chain logistics industry. While compiling our whitepapers, articles and webinars, and by attending our global portfolio of events we get to see plenty of good business people, but there are some who we believe make it to that next level – they are true leaders in their field. Each part of this series identifies one such leader and explains what we think sets them apart from the rest.

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Jim Bacon Senior Director, Global Demand Planning & Customer Operations, Grifols

Jim Bacon has responsibility for Sales & Operations Planning- Demand Planning, international customer service and logistics, he is also the company’s resident expert on cold chain logistics and a lead member of the cold chain management effort at Grifols North America. Bacon has oversight of 3PL operations in Canada and as Grifols expands its’ business worldwide, continues to provide direction in this area.

He also participates in an advisory capacity for continuous improvement with their partner providers and also for IQPC Cold Chain and is a member of the PDA-PCCIG. For Bacon for partner providers, as in any industry, those that have a willingness to adjust to the needs of industry leadership and guidance will grow because of their willingness to collaborate and partner with clients.

"As we’ve gone beyond the 10 year mark of Cold Chain as a necessary and critical aspect of pharmaceutical logistics, I see a well positioned and organized force that will continue to guide change to preserve product integrity," Bacon says.

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