Cold Chain Logistics Cold Chain IQ's leaders in 2012 Part 1

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Cold Chain IQ is in the fortunate position to work with a great number of knowledge leaders and well known figures within the cold chain logistics industry. While compiling our whitepapers, articles and webinars, and by attending our global portfolio of events we get to see plenty of good business people, but there are some who we believe make it to that next level – they are true leaders in their field. Each part of this series identifies one such leader and explains what we think sets them apart from the rest.

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Henry Ames VP Life Sciences Strategy & Business Development, Sensitech

As VP of Life Sciences Strategy, Henry Ames focuses on the global market analysis and strategic marketing initiatives for the Life Science vertical. Prior to Sensitech, Ames was a principal focused on supply chain-related investments at venture capital firm, Megunticook Management Sustaining consistent temperatures throughout the cold chain process is a vital and complex task. According to Ames:

"Maintaining appropriate and consistent temperatures for medicinal products during transport is a daunting challenge, there are always trade offs based on the risk profile of the drug, availability of stability data, shipping challenges associated with a specific trading lane or packaging configuration transit time constraints, regulatory considerations and cost considerations just to name a few."

Ames has been keen for the company to stay at the forefront of airport regulations and engage not only as a service provider, but as an educator on best practice and compliance.

As recent trends show electronic temperature indicators are displacing chemical indicators for ensuring product quality during the last mile of distribution of temperature-sensitive products.

In his paper Reconsidering Temperature Indicators, Ames examines the global regulatory and standards-based guidance for time and temperature recording devices and concludes that electronic temperature indicators should be considered the most appropriate alternative, particularly for last-mile distribution. Ames has also shaped regulation when he successfully challenged USDOT’s (US Department of Transportation) flight rules on lithium batteries championed an initiative to formally change and clarify a dangerous goods ruling by the USDOT and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) that left unchecked, would have seriously hindered the distribution of biopharmaceuticals, potentially affect product quality, and ultimately risk patient safety.

Henry Ames is fair-minded, possessed of a wide ranging intelligence and curiosity. - James Soucey, Wal-Mart Specialty Pharma

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