Dyzle to Address Growing Demand for Cold Chain Logistics and Monitoring in India

ALMERE, The Netherlands, 22nd April 2013 – Dyzle BV, an innovator in measuring and analyzing business process data for the cold chain in real-time, is introducing its temperature and business process monitoring and analysis capability to the growing Indian cold chain logistics industry for sectors like food processing, pharmaceutical and retail. The company will demonstrate its innovative platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution, DyzleLiveWare®, at the second annual Cold Chain India conference taking place in Mumbai next month (16-17 May 2013).

According to industry analysts, India’s cold chain infrastructure is in need of significant enhancement, and the improvements required will create demand for a more advanced cold chain logistics sector. One report, entitled, ‘India Cold Chain Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2017’, suggests it will be an US$11.6 billion market by 2017. It suggests the need for a better temperature controlled environment right from production through to final distribution presents huge potential for cold chain management systems in India – for food industry through to pharmaceuticals. In particular the report highlights how 30-40 percent of horticultural produce is wasted annually in India.
Dyzle’s solution addresses this exact need in the temperature controlled logistics supply chain, enabling complete real-time visibility of product integrity in the cold chain, and providing alerts by email and text message when temperature deviations occur. This helps mitigate the temperature deviation risk in countries like India, where there are extreme temperature fluctuations from one end of the country to another.

The company’s DyzleLiveWare® solution is a truly open platform, with the ability to integrate data collected from any source or technology. This platform interprets and presents data in a way that allows either the logistics manager or senior manager to instantly visualize and assure their clients that the product has not digressed at all during its entire journey. Alternatively, if a temperature deviation does occur, then the manager is immediately alerted so that corrective action can be taken to minimize any loss.

The solution automatically measures critical variables such as temperature, humidity, energy consumption and CO2 through the entire supply chain – from storage to transport and distribution. Dyzle collects data, analyzes it, and makes it available via a personal dashboard accessible securely over the web from any internet-enabled device.

The information provided also helps to comply with mandatory reporting, registration and interpretation requirements. For example, in pharmaceuticals, ensuring patient safety and regulatory compliance requires systems that help reduce and prevent product deviations in storage and transport of healthcare products and active pharmaceutical ingredients. This is also essential for compliance with international regulations for Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP).

Complying with international regulations and future Indian GDP guidelines to protect the drug supply chain will be one of the key discussions at the Cold Chain India conference in India next month, taking place on 16-17 May 2013. Other key topics at the conference which fit very well with Dyzle’s capability include monitoring refrigeration throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain for compliance with OPPI standards, ensuring temperature maintenance at all handover points in the supply chain system, conducting quality checks to confirm the integrity of the goods is not compromised, and assuring product quality in a cost-effective way across the pharmaceutical logistics network.


About Dyzle

Dyzle offers customers undisputable evidence for the quality of temperature sensitive products. From farm-to-fork or production-to-patient, Dyzle is able to monitor the cold supply chain in real-time. With different dashboards for general management, quality assurance (QA) and logistics management, customers in food and pharmaceuticals are able to reduce their cost and unburden the stress of regulatory requirements. For more information, visit www.dyzle.com.

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