Enhancing Profitability of your Cold Chain Management by Improving Relationships with Your Partners

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Pharmaceutical laboratories havea dynamic activity based on research and development. Their Market value is continuously increasing (+ 12.9% in 1 year).

The arrival of generic laboratories has engendered strategies involving the merger and acquisition of major players in the sector to allow them to focus on biotechnologies and vaccine development. New molecules are developed with high potential.

Since 2004, developments of thermosensitive medicines have doubled to reach an average rate of 8% per year. Nowadays, this growing market represents up to 20% part in pharmaceutical laboratories sales. In 2015 the vaccine market will still be growing. Complex and costly, cold chain logistics for pharmaceutical products require special support now more than ever.

The pharmaceutical industry must be able to rely on responsive suppliers and strong partners who are able to plan, to assist and to accompany them in these changes to secure their cold chain logistics.

They need suppliers who are able to meet demanding specifications providing innovative, reliable and economical long-term solutions in a minimum time-to-market.

In order to meet the complex needs of its customers, Sofrigam has implemented a continuous improvement strategy developing innovationand new technologies, offering an adapted logistics and packaging programme while reducing costs and enhancing quality.

But how to optimize (to reduce) logistics costs while improving partner relationship?

Find out today http://www.coldchainiq.com/packaging-shipping-systems/articles/enhancing-profitability-of-your-cold-chain-managem/

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