Full Time Report: Live at Temperature Controlled Logistics

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This week leaders within temperature controlled logistics are gathered at the Excel in London to shape the future of the industry and discuss the best practise measures that will take the market forward.

The conference started with its dual quality training courses. The first looking at stability testing examining how to design a smart stability programme for global markets, predicting a shelf-life based on short term stability data and the kind of stability data required to support shipment and storage. The other course looked at enhanced process development testing, more specifically laying the groundwork for a solid understanding of the ICH Q8,9, 10 and 11 guidances, regulatory agency expectations and the use of QbD approached for process control strategy development. 

Other workshops conducted tapped into a range of subjects including GDP Compliance for ambient and cold chain temperatures, modal shifts to sea freight and capitalising on the biologics boom the temperature controlled transportation of clinical trial materials. 

Chaired by Amy Shortman CEO of ASC Associates, the conference looked at a range of topics on day one. The keynotes got the conference off to a flying start with Val Petursson, Sr Director, Logistics Europe & PTC/PP, Teva looking at cost effective strategies for optimising temperature controlled pharma logistics. Different models were examined in regards to cost awareness namely top down versus bottom up strategies.


Another highlight for day one was the all star panel session featuring Ruud van der Geer, Assoc. Director Supply Chain Management EMEA, MSD, Val Petursson of Teva and Graham Martin, Supply Chain Excellence Manager, Pfizer. The panel pinpointed which emerging trends and future challenges that will most affect the pharma supply chain on the route to 2030 and more importantly why? The panel looked at the growing trends in the industry, it was noted that outsourcing, simulation for lane qualification and stability product testing will look to grow over the next few years.  The discussion ventured to explore the potential of the last mile - namely the emergence of new technologies to monitor the temperature of a pharmaceutial all the way to the point of consumption. 

Editor in Chief Chanice Henry presented Pharma Logistics IQ’s findings in a session at the event. The talk covered the latest market discoveries uncovered by Pharma Logistics IQ’s primary research over 2016. Insight was given on what the Pharma Logistics IQ network forecasted the key temperature controlled logistics trends will be. Also, highlights of popular pharma logistics tips and tricks were provided from international experts. A live cast of this session was provided, filmed footage will be accessible at a later stage. 


At the end of day one, leaders within the temperature controlled logistics space were crowned at the annual temperature controlled logistics forum. Congratulations to our winners.

Live footage can be seen here


Onsite companies showcased the latest and greatest in technology solving some of the tall challenges within the industry on the event’s double decker red bus. The short showcase sessions occurred during the breaks, giving all attendees the chance to experience the innovation talks.  

A range of products were launched at the event. Almac Group, the global contract pharmaceutical development and manufacturing organisation,  launched TempEZ™ - a new temperature management software - and the inaugural offering from Almac’s “Next Generation Temperature Management Portfolio”. TempEZ is a web-based platform providing clients with a single database to store temperature data and to ensure regulatory compliance, thereby safeguarding the quality and integrity of drug product. The TempEZ design enables the client to use any monitor and any logistics provider for managing transportation of their product to its final destination. The GMP compliant software provides readily accessible data throughout the entire supply chain building a complete temperature history for a product at both a lot and serialised level.

The event’s VIP tour managed to view an exclusive test demo of the software.


Donna Christopher, Global Vice President Operations, Almac Clinical Services explained: “In the current data model clients have difficulty accessing and analysing data to determine the impact of individual excursions occurring throughout the life cycle on the overall integrity of the product. By design, TempEZ gives any stakeholder in your supply chain the ability to upload data, resulting in a single repository of your temperature data.  This makes the data readily accessible and any analysis easy to complete.  I am delighted to announce the launch of TempEZ, which not only offers convenience for our clients but, more importantly, provides a single platform to document that a product has stayed within it labelled specification throughout its life cycle, helping you to protect the safety of your patient.”

Intelsius, a DGP company, launched the ORCA S single use range of high performance solutions, offering payload volumes of 4.4L, 11.1L, 23.5L and 50L, and can provide up to 96 hours thermal protection for 2-8°C, 15-25°C, 20-24°C, -20°C and deep frozen temperature payloads. ORCA S utilises advanced Phase Change Materials (PCM) and Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) technology, enabling optimum performance for single use systems while offering significant volumetric weight savings during transit, particularly helpful in providing a lower total cost of distribution.

Also, the ORCA 55L provides over 120 hours of superior thermal protection for 2-8°C, 15-25°C, 20-24°C, -20°C payloads, as well as deep frozen temperature cargo.  These containers can be used in 8 and 10 panel configurations, to either increase payload or performance.

Peli BioThermal’s brand new reusable, pallet-accepting bulk shipper utilising PCM coolants  - Crēdo™ Cargo  also made its market debut at the event. Paul Terry, Peli BioThermal’s Director of Sales EMEA, said: “We are pleased to be exhibiting again at this key industry event. It is an excellent opportunity for us to display and demonstrate our latest pioneering, pallet accepting products. 

“This includes Crēdo™ Cargo which is now in full production and available for the first time to purchase or hire through our flexible rental program, Crēdo™ on Demand.” The container has a volume of 1900L and consistent temperature stability in excess of 140 hours. 

 Peli BioThermal, which specialises in the design and manufacture of temperature-controlled packaging solutions for life sciences, is also exhibiting an extension of its CoolPall™ single use bulk passive shipper line, the newly launched CoolPall™ Vertos Advance, which uses PCM.  

In other news, fellow event sponsor DHL Supply Chain Life Sciences has recently completed the construction of a new, GMP compliant, 2-8°C temperature controlled clean room to add to its Secondary Packaging capability in Banbury, UK. 

The conference’s three streams continued over to day two looking at temperature control quality assurance, risk analysis and emerging markets and supply chain security.  Sessions from the final day of the conference included some of the industry’s guardians including the MHRA, the USP – where Jeff Carrico spoke on future of general chapters, packaging and distribution- the new general chapter on storage and distribution of investigational drug product. Also, a talk was given by GS1’s Philip Bailey, Industry Engagement Manager- Healthcare. 

One key topic that is earmarked to grow in importance over the coming years was sustainability.  CrodaTherm who was on site presented their bio-based Phase Change Materials which cater for a range of temperatures – low, ambient and high.

Live from India, Batra Mayank, Director of Department of Supply Chain and Logistics, Dr. Reddy’s will presented his session on navigating the intricacies of emerging markets. He provided insight on tried and tested strategies for dealing with difficult political situations and bureaucracies. 

Film footage from the event is to follow shortly.