Live Webinar: Learn how automatization tools optimize Cold Chain Monitoring management for high volume shipments

In 2018, 1 out of every 2 biological and pharmaceutical products will be temperature sensitive. That exponential growth, combined with the markets globalization, increase the needs of temperature-controlled shipping.

Driven in particular by the Internet of Things (IoT), new solutions are being developed to ensure better risk management, quick response in case of temperature excursions, and compliant traceability.

Now OCEASOFT goes a step further. Our innovative automatization tools drastically reduce the required workload to set up the temperature logging of your shipping as well as the data collection. OCEASOFT solutions fasten, simplify and optimize cold chain monitoring management at key steps of the pharmaceutical supply chain. 


Register to the webinar for the following benefits:

  • TIME SAVING: Get ready to see how our loading bench programs OCEASOFT Atlas™ and Emerald™ temperature dataloggers in just 2 seconds, wirelessly. 
  • SIMPLICITY: Discover OCEABridge, the easy Cloud-connected gateway for automatically collecting data recorded by Atlas™ and Emerald™ during shipment. 
  • CONNECTIVITY: Find out how your connected smartphone is the ideal configuration tool for the OCEABridge + loading bench solution! 
  • EFFICIENCY: Learn how our complete temperature monitoring solution provides real-time alerts and automated data transfer to the Cloud, complete with reports and compliance with the strictest industry standards. 

Challenges tackled: 

  • Supply chain management may be burdened by arduous processes, especially when shipping high volumes. Programming, starting missions and data collection of hundreds or thousands of data loggers on a daily basis require time and human resources.  

    This webinar will introduce solutions to automatize high volume missions programming, dataloggers start up and data collection, optimizing at key steps of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain.



Laurent ROUSSEAU (Founder & CEO, OCEASOFT)

Laurent ROUSSEAU, OCEASOFT's CEO, founded the company 1999. His vision and innovation-based approach have enabled OCEASOFT to establish itself as an expert in the development of wireless monitoring solutions for temperature and other physical parameters.


Michael MODJESKA (Product specialist, OCEASOFT)

For the past 8 years, Michael Modjeska has been involved with all aspects of product development at OCEASOFT, contributing notably to new wireless solution design and implementation.


OCEASOFT is a proud sponsor of IQPC’s Temperature Controlled Logistics Meeting which will be held in London, from Jan. 30 to Feb. 2, 2017.

Our team will be pleased to welcome you at Booth #3 and provide you more information about our innovative monitoring solutions.

If you are quick and lucky, you might even get a free Atlas™ datalogger!