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Created in 1979 by an industrial pharmacist, Sofrigam is a leading company in the design, testing, manufacture and qualification of isothermal and refrigerating packaging for cold chain shipments selling to the largest pharmaceutical laboratories in the world.

SOFRIGAM counts 50 employees split between the head office housing the administration, sales, engineering department near Paris, and the 7,000 m2 factory, the 3,000m² warehouse and a metrological laboratory Ater Mêtrologie, near Lille. The most part of the turnover is made abroad, with a dedicated sales force and representatives in Europe (France and the Benelux countries) and North America.


Our team of cold chain experts comprehensively analyses your cold chain expedition issues, from preparation to delivery. It focuses on offering standard or customized refrigerated packaging that is based on thermodynamic calculations and tests by our own lab to offer you the best options that combine maximum safety and optimal cost-efficiency.


The performance of an isothermal and refrigerating packaging depends on the insulating material, the cool packs and the assembly. This is why SOFRIGAM is mainly using Polyurethane panels from the leading European producer of Polyurethane panels RECTICEL. The Polyurethane panels feature one of the best insulating capacities, homogeneous foam and a multi-layer coating to preserve it. It also makes the containers stronger and protects the products. Additionally, SOFRIGAM uses exclusive cooling packs and assembles the containers in a highly automated factory.

Products and services:

SOFRIGAM standard or made to measure containers made from polyurethane panels ranges from 1l to more than 3,000l for up to 240 hours shipping time in regular chill or frozen configurations. This range includes Pallet Shippers which increase the internal volume to enable savings in logistics costs and can be opened from the front for ease of load. All these containers are qualified and validated in Ater Mêtrologie Laboratory. The other product range includes "return to sender" rigid container with Polyurethane panels and non-rigid cool boxes.

Ater metrological laboratory carries out temperature tests on SOFRIGAM products, on miscellaneous packages and for feasibility tests and SOFRIGAM also provides qualification files that put together standard procedures, reflecting performance analysis tailored to each solution.