[Report] Vendor collaboration: Your secret weapon

Radius Health and Sartorius show you how to drastically improve your vendor collaboration practices to drive innovation, efficiency and quality

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An effective pharmaceutical supply chain requires a complex network of partners. 

But many networks have been built up over decades by different sets of people, with competing agendas and changing priorities. 

This is creating inefficiency, hindering innovation and requiring additional effort for overstretched supply chain leaders. 

But there is a way to encourage vendors to start doing more for you, integrate more efficiently with your operations and bring forward new ideas, it simply requires collaboration. 

In this report, our two experts, Bruce Guenter, Director of Logistics and Distribution at Radius Health and Rick Calabrese, Global Diretor of Corporate Quality System at Sartorius, share a three step plan to revolutionize your vendor collaboration.

The show you how to change your relationships by focusing on:

  • Prioritization and internal planning
  • Structure and transparency
  • Openness to innovation

We also give special focus on how to find the balance between cost and quality, offering three areas where you can reduce your costs by leveraging collaboration. 

Both Rick and Bruce will also share the core lessons they have learned over the years about how to improve relationships and truly build a culture of collaboration. 

If you want to increase the efficiency and success of your partnerships, then this report is not to be missed. 

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