Cold Chain Technologies Releases Patient Transport Solutions

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Cold Chain Technologies (CCT), a market leading global manufacturer of insulated packaging proudly announces the official launch of KoolTemp® GTS Carry Packs, a full line of patient transport solutions. GTS Carry Packs were developed to protect temperature sensitive drug products from thermal and physical damage during short?term transport or intermediate storage. Available in two versions, standard and
advanced, and three sizes, GTS Carry Packs provide high performance protection for
refrigerated products for up to 10 hours.

Featuring a compact, lightweight, and durable construction, GTS Carry Packs include userfriendly instructions and are easily conditioned in a standard residential refrigerator/freezer. The scalable design also allows for simple customization to meet specific product needs as well as custom branding requirements.

"KoolTemp GTS Carry Packs were designed to protect important drug therapies that are
administered directly by patients in their everyday lives; going to work, vacation or anywhere else. In addition, the advanced version specifically protects the product from low temperature shock making it easy to achieve an error?free pack?out. That is the difficult thing to protect against – thermal shock," states TJ Rizzo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Cold Chain Technologies is happy to offer our clients comprehensive, pre?qualified solutions that help increase patient safety and compliance."

GTS Carry Packs are the ideal choice for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Manufacturers, Specialty Pharmacies and Clinical Trial providers that want to present their patients with a compliant, cost effective solution to protect their therapies at risk of excessive hot or cold exposure. They can also be used for sales representatives as well as inter?campus sample transit.

For more information regarding the KoolTemp® GTS Carry Pack, please visit:

About Cold Chain Technologies

Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) is the trusted worldwide provider of compliant thermal
packaging solutions for the distribution and transport of temperature sensitive products. CCT’s full line of KoolTemp® insulated containers, Koolit® refrigerant products, and KoolTemp® GTS qualified shipping solutions are manufactured and distributed globally. Headquartered in Holliston, Massachusetts, Cold Chain Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company with over 45 years of ensuring product safety for the pharmaceutical, life science and food service industries. For more information, visit