DHL launches The Cool Green Cell; a new cold chain delivery system

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DHL has launched a new product, The Cool Green Cell, a packaging solution specifically designed for pharmaceutical and medical products that must be temperature controlled.

Specifically targeted at deliveries of pharmaceutical and medical products, the reusable and durable packaging solution is recommended for shipments that must be kept between +2°C and +8°C throughout the delivery cycle. The Cool Green Cell packaging solution is made of high quality polyurethane.

Saul Resnick, Vice President Life Sciences & Healthcare, DHL Supply Chain comments that the launch of The Cool Green Cell in Australia signifies the start of a new chapter for cold chain deliveries in the country. The temperature controlled packaging solution is aimed at pharmacies, hospitals and clinicians, and is reusable, returnable and easily identifiable.

The Cool Green Cell will help DHL customers reduce their supply chain costs and the time they would normally dedicate to waste management, with the new environment-friendly packaging solution.

The RFID-linked Cool Green Cell packaging allows DHL to have full visibility of the delivery cycle from warehouse to destination. Since each package has a unique identification code, these shipments are immediately identifiable by their location on the supply chain.

DHL’s new cold chain packaging solution has been launched in NSW and QLD with other states to follow by the end of 2013. DHL will launch The Cool Green Cell in other countries within the Asia Pacific region in due course.