ELPRO Advances its SaaS Platform for Pharmaceutical Logistics

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ELPRO has updated its liberoMANAGER database service for collecting and analyzing temperature records created during shipment or storage of temperature sensitive goods.

liberoMANAGER v1.3.0, a software as a service (SaaS) solution, now fully supports the entire shipping process and allows documentation of all relevant steps including creating shipment records, collecting results, analyzing route, packaging or courier performance. It also documents the entire release process and enables in-depth analysis and documentation of deviations requiring further investigation.

In conjunction with ELPRO’s elproVIEWER software, the modular platform offers pharmaceutical supply chain stakeholders the tools to calculate total excursion time, overlay temperature graphs and export data to excel for pivot analysis. This type of analysis is aiding companies to improve overall logistics processes and helping with quicker product release decisions.

Beat Rudolf, CEO, ELPRO describes the advances in liberoMANAGER v1.3.0. "Customers want a convenient and safe way for their authorized QA personnel to tread and document errors in shipping processes; such as 'wrong profile used', 'forgot to press stop button' within the database. elproVIEWER has the capability to combine shipment results along the supply chain to assess the remaining stability budget of a shipment in relation to earlier shipments."

ELPRO will be teaching a workshop on the practical application of cold chain SaaS platforms at the IQPC Boston Cold Chain Global Forum on 30th September. The workshop is entitled "Make your Temperature Data Work for You…to Improve Logistics Processes and Meet GDP Quality Management Requirements". It will be attended by logistics and QA professionals to discuss using temperature data to develop risk-based profiles, conduct quality assessments and optimize supply chain performance.

ELPRO continues to develop liberoMANAGER further to meet customers' requirements and include industry leading concepts on collection, analysis, release and documentation of monitored objects and performance of equipment used.

About ELPRO:

ELPRO, founded in 1986, is a leading Swiss manufacturer of innovative monitoring solutions and data loggers for documenting environmental conditions in production facilities, warehouses and the cold chain. ELPRO partners with clients to develop solutions that integrate ELPROs high-quality measurement components into their business processes. ELPRO is consistently dedicated to quality, which resonates throughout all facets of our operation – service, technology and customer support. As the inventor of the LIBERO PDF Logger, ELPRO supports pharmaceutical and healthcare companies around the world in simplifying their cold chain while having less manual work thus reaching quicker release times.

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