Global Fleet Expansion of va-Q-tec’s Pharma Cold Chain Containers

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va-Q-tec responds to growing customer demand for va-Q-tainer containers by increasing their advanced passive pallet shipper fleet

London, United Kingdom, August 28, 2013 – va-Q-tec Limited today announced the latest increase of its va-Q-tainer fleet by thirty containers to fulfill customer demand. Pharmaceutical shippers and va-Q-tec’s channel partners such as United Cargo, UPS and CEVA welcome the fleet increase for continued availability. The va-Q-tainer container range including the va-Q-tainer US, va-Q-tainer XL and va-Q-tainer Euro sizes utilize leading-edge capabilities to transport high value pharmaceutical products by air or land. va-Q-tec Limited provides a global network, well-suited to support its customers with access to distribution points and fulfillment services worldwide.

The additional containers have been produced by va-Q-tec AG in Germany and will be integrated into the global fleet starting on the 2nd September 2013. The high performing va-Q-tainer pallet container is accompanied by a broad range of fulfillment services, internal and external temperature data logging, free temperature data shipping reports, "Load & Go" delivery, and of course, deviation free transportation - anywhere. It has been qualified for more than 120 hours of performance in both extreme summer and winter profiles using a single configuration pack-out for refrigerated shipments, providing customers with both a simple and low risk passive shipping solution.

Speaking for va-Q-tec, Dominic Hyde, Managing Director commented"We are proud of our fast growing container fleet and increasing customer demand. The va-Q-tainer range is the market leading Pharma Cold Chain Solution that simplifies the global transportation of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals."

va-Q-tec Limited has also invested in their va-Q-case rental fleet. The va-Q-case is a high performance refrigerated passive shipper that is perfect for the transportation of investigational medical products. The durable case with 140+ hour’s performance reduces customers’ costs, lowers risk and enables door-to-door shipping in challenging environments. The va-Q-case Half Euro, the largest container in this particular range, is designed for bulk loading and is easy to transport. It works on the same principle as the va-Q-tainer pallet shipper using reliable vacuum insulation in the walls combined with high performing phase change materials for temperature stability. "The va-Q-case line has made a significant impact in lowering the total landed logistics costs for va-Q-tec’s customers shipping materials into challenging regions abroad." says Andrew Heholt, VP for va-Q-tec USA.

The va-Q-tainer and va-Q-case ranges are also capable of shipping at deep frozen, frozen and controlled room temperature ranges by simply replacing the appropriate phase change materials. These capabilities guarantee that temperature sensitive clinical and pharmaceutical products receive the highest level of protection, even on the most challenging trade lanes.

About va-Q-tec Ltd. UK

va-Q-tec Limited offers a wide range of temperature controlled packaging products and global "Load & Go" container rental services supporting the clinical and pharmaceutical markets. The company also offers cost effective customized vacuum insulation panels (VIPs), heat & cool storage elements containing phase change materials (PCMs) that create environmentally friendly thermal solutions for almost every packaging need. Follow this link for further information: va-Q-tec Solutions