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Inside The Box: The Benefits Of Thermal Modeling For Cold Chain Shipping

Posted: 10/09/2017

The quality of container testing can make or break a temperature controlled supply chain. Especially as global medicine distribution is often struck by unexpected factors, from traffic delays and issues at customs to natural disasters. 

In these scenarios robust container testing could save a pharma shipment worth millions.  

Thermal testing ensures your container of choice can maintain the necessary temperatures to sustain the efficacy and safety of your drug product. 

Thermal modeling can help reduce testing time and development costs. By evaluating and stress testing the performance of an existing design against new temperature profiles, this assessment allows pharma firms to identify potential inefficiences and opportunities for savings. 

Read this whitepaper to access tips when conducting qualification testing on containers.  

Benefits of downloading 

  1. Gain practical insight into the value and flexibility of thermal modeling in overcoming business challenges
  2. Understand the importance of testing a thermal solution prior to implementation
  3. Find out how to forecast cost efficiencies within distribution through optimised thermal modeling. 

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Posted: 10/09/2017